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Translation: Régine Paradis

12,075. A number like any other, a banal alignment of a few numbers that probably don’t mean much. It can be the number of peppercorns in a jar, the number of white geese that cross the sky during the great autumn migration. A simple number…

Nope. This number represents the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, this number is the symbol of the failure of our societies, of the pulverization of all our illusions, the ultimate collapse of our systems conveying so much injustice and aberration. This number is the number of operational nuclear bombs available on the planet, just waiting for a moment of masterful madness from a head of state stupid enough to press a button, imagining that this “tactical” choice will not lead to the disappearance of all life on the surface of the globe! “… there are approximately 12,075 nuclear weapons left in the world, and the countries that possess such weapons have funded long-term plans to modernize them” … AND THE COUNTRIES THAT OWN SUCH WEAPONS HAVE FUNDED LONG-TERM PLANS TO MODERNIZE THEM! Yes, you read that right! This information can be found on the United Nations newsletter, as the organization proclaimed September 26 as the “International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons”. (1)

While the UN is scrambling to make our leaders listen to reason, these last, in a suicidal headlong rush, are doing as they please. Let’s remember that today’s atomic bombs have nothing to do with the “small” bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. Only three of these new generation bombs can annihilate all life on a territory as vast as the United States! As if our leaders were thinking that if they were going to wipe humanity off the map, let’s make sure we don’t miss!

The threat of a total annihilation of our civilization is more than serious! Each year, Maitreya Rael, who was first contacted in 1973 by the extraterrestrials, creators of all life on Earth in a laboratory (2), receives a telepathic message from our creators each year on August 6, revealing the probability of survival of our world. A few years ago, this figure had risen to 5%, and this year’s message brings us down to a meager 0.5%. (3) It is no longer five minutes to midnight; it is one minute to midnight!

Knowing this, what can we do with this small glimmer of hope, 0.5%, to reverse this movement towards chaos? We all have a role to play, and Maitreya proposes solutions that are applicable to both, the individual and society:

  1. For the individual: “If you meditate for Peace, even alone in your house, your telepathic waves will change the world. Meditation on peace and love makes a difference.” (4)
  2. Then, collectively, we must organize ourselves: “It is time for pacifists all over the world to unite for a world peace revolution! I call on the new generations of all countries, races and religions, to unite to launch a true world revolution that will save humanity!” (5)

Is it too late? Have we waited too long to react? Every day, new living species disappear, iniquities between humans are growing, human beings seem helpless, unable to organize themselves and find solutions to create a world of peace and love where everyone can flourish and be happy.

Maybe it’s time to accept help… The Elohim, those extraterrestrials who met Rael, have given him the mission to spread their message all over the planet, and to build an embassy where they can come back openly, officially: “Every bad step humanity has taken – all the wars, all the genocides, all the killings, all the Fukushima – brings us closer to the moment when all humanity will say, ‘Please, let’s build the Embassy to welcome the Elohim, only they can save us.‘ Because this is the truth now, only the Elohim can save humanity, without their help, we are doomed; we are “screwed.” (6)

Will we have the humility to ask for this help, will we have the humility to recognize that we are not the center of the universe, that other civilizations populate this infinite universe? The Elohim are reaching out to us, let’s accept this gesture of love with infinite gratitude!

Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

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