The Vancouver Raelians were at the English Bay Polar Bear Swim to have fun and bring awareness about the global campaign “Meditate One Minute for Peace”.
It was a very brisk Jan 1st winter day, we awoke to a -5 degree frosty morning, the ice on our pond was frozen solid, the trees and grass were encased in a frosty blanket.

We arrived early and held the “One Minute for Peace” banner. As we sent waves of love and peace to those around us and on our planet, many people came and stood beside us to send their love and peace too, it was really great to see that! We were surrounded by thousands of people now, there was an estimated 15000-18000 people who came to watch the event.

The time was coming closer to take the plunge, we moved closer to the water with our cameras and posters. It was great to see so many people having fun.  In all, as you can see from the pictures, we had a great day! And yes the water was much colder than one could imagine!

A big thanks to Ted, Colin, Denise and Ray for all their help and support.

Meditate for Peace with us on the 59th minute of each hour.