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RAEL’S COMMENT: the laugh of the morning! I have always to warned “healthy diet” people who drink glasses of apple juice (even freshly squeezed) that its way too much sugar , dangerous for diabetes and make you fat! The juice of one apple: OK ….but that make just a few table spoon of juice, not even half a glass!



A new survey conducted in Australia has discovered that the store-bought smoothies that are supposedly good for your health actually contain more calories than a Big Mac, and more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola.

The LiveLighter survey agency analyzed the calories, sugar and fat in 40 cold drinks that can be purchased in restaurants and fast-food cafes across Australia. And the findings are truly shocking.

A whopping 50 percent of all drinks – including three so-called ‘healthy’ smoothies – contained about 500 calories, more than a Big Mac.

Then 24 drinks had at least 16 teaspoons of sugar, while a “healthy” fat-free mango drink contained an astounding 31 teaspoons (some 120 grams).

A few of the shakes and ice-based frappes contained up to 20.5g of saturated fat – more than twice a Big Mac. That’s while the average Australian is recommended to have no more than 16g saturated fat a day.