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RAEL’S COMMENT: not only is Israel not letting the UN inspect it’s nuclear capacities, but it is willing to sell atomic bombs to Arabic countries in a clear breach of non proliferation treaty. Their goal is pretty simple: by arming Arabic states with nuclear weapons they hope they will use it against each other, pursuing the same policy as in the last 20 years of weakening all Arabic and Muslim nations in order to facilitate their expansion toward Eretz Israel, a much larger state dominating the middle east. But if all Muslim , Shiites and Sunni, realize that they are all Muslim before all, they may well unite and use it against Israel.



Persian Gulf states are seeking nuclear weapons to counter “bad guy” Iran and have held clandestine meetings with Israel despite not having official ties with Tel Aviv, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon revealed at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.
“We see signs that countries in the Arab world are preparing to acquire nuclear weapons, that they are not willing to sit quietly with Iran on brink of a nuclear or atomic bomb,” Ya’alon told fellow defense ministers on Sunday, the final day of the Munich Security Conference.

Ya’alon did not name specific countries who might be interested in developing nuclear weapons and gave no evidence to back up his claims.

However, he then made a surprise statement that the Gulf states – officially hostile to Tel Aviv because of its occupation of the West Bank – had held clandestine meetings with Israel.

“Not only Jordan and Egypt,” he said, referring to the only Arab countries who signed peace treaties with Israel after three Arab-Israeli wars.