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On the first Sunday of April Celebration, the Toronto team had the privilege of having our National Guide Daniel Turcotte and his companion Jasmin Chang. It created a special energy of love and appreciation among us. This was transmitted in different ways, from the delicious pot luck of tasty foods to the many interesting conversations and laughter.

We were 20 in all, including  guests and some Raelian we haven’t  see for a long time. The happiness feeling was hovering above all of us…. A special energy that is hard to describe….

We shared some artistic creations of songs and videos including a clip of a very touching performance by Byonce for the United Nations World humanitarian Day, introduced to us by Daniel. ( ).

Daniel’s powerful question was “How do we impact the world around us? How do we leave a foot print in our everyday lives?”  We started to share our experiences from the simple smile of the day to a trip to Africa and helping with Clitoraid. It was beautiful and powerful.

We all have something to share with the world. Sometimes simple things can make a big difference. Let’s not forget that, and always operate on a high vibration of LOVE, COMPASSION and GRATITUDE…

It was also great to be able to connect with Montreal via skype and to hear about the 4 transmissions done there!!!! It was good to shorten the distance with the click of a button J

Daniel and Jasmin left us at the end of afternoon. We want to thank them once more for their visit. You are most welcome to come again and have fun with us.