Throughout history, the possession of power by a wealthy elite has sparked revolts among the majority maintained in a state of great poverty, fueling social injustice still present today. The wealthy are seen as individuals living in ivory towers, uninterested in the fact that a large proportion of their fellow human beings are “living hand to mouth”.

   In this beginning of 2020, an article published in La Presse+ brings a breath of fresh air and somewhat rehabilitates the image of the me-myself-and-I-selfish-rich! The title of the article, “Les riches qui voulaient payer plus d’impôts” (“The rich who wanted to pay more taxes”), heartens us to smile again! They are the “Patriotic Millionaires”, and they think in the current state of affairs, their contribution to the redistribution of wealth in the United States is clearly insufficient! One of these millionaires, Stephen Price, says that “endless enrichment is useless. We all end up dying. We might as well help others.”


This is a good start, but we need concrete measures, one that other super-rich individuals join this movement which, we hope, is only in its infancy. Some figures run shivers down the spine: while in the past 40 years the incomes of the wealthiest in the United States increased by 940%, for the majority of workers it grew by a mere 12%. Many are sounding the alarm, the capitalist system which brought about these injustices is also destroying our planet; a world revolution is no longer an option.  We came to a point of emergency for our very survival!


The problem is not limited to the United States; it is global in nature, as revealed in an article published in the OBS edition of January 20, 2019 : “Les 20 plus riches détiennent autant d’argent que la moitié de l’humanité” (“The richest 20 hold as much money as half of humanity”).
Rael, who was contacted in 1973 by the extraterrestrial creators of humanity (, advocates a heavy-handed solution in order to allow a fair distribution of wealth: “Never, in the History of Humanity, has any king or emperor owned as much money as half of humanity. And yet, populations made revolutions when kings became too rich. It is time for a world revolution to take place, through seizing by force, without any compensation, the fortunes of these super billionaires and redistributing them to all. Then, all humans will be living on an earth which will become a paradise, where nobody will be forced to work and where everyone will enjoy the benefits of science and technology. This is not at all a utopia because it is immediately achievable thanks to Paradism. The immediate confiscation of the fortunes of these ultra capitalists can be accomplished within a few hours. So what are you waiting for?” (Canadian Raelien Movement)


If all the super rich of the planet were impelled by this momentum seen in the “Patriotic Millionaires”, a world revolution would not be necessary. But for the time being this movement is rather embryonic, limited to just a few. So, it’s up to us all to stand up, unite, and bring about this necessary world revolution!


Jean Riendeau
Raelian Church Columnist