In May of ’68, I was less than 20 years old. Out of the blue, my mother asked me

“When the time comes, will you help me die quickly and without pain?”

Lyliane Jolly, Raelian Church Columnist

 I didn’t know that 50 years later I would keep my promise during another revolt: the yellow vest uprising.

She and I knew that, out of her five children, I was the one she could talk to.

 I was a “Raelian” in the making.

 At that time, I wasn’t thinking about death.

Rael hadn’t yet said: “We never chose to be born, but we can choose to die.” Rael – The Maitreya, p.195

 Over the years, Rael’s words have permeated my cells, my thoughts, and my way of life.

I never wondered how I was going to help my mother die. Science did it for me.

Short of medically assisting her death, a process still forbidden in France, she was allowed appeasement with a sedative. This only because her five children agreed to sign the proper documents.

 When the time came, alone with her, I held her hand. We stayed like that without talking. I owed it to her to stay calm, without fear. In my head, I entered a void, I felt soaked with golden light, and I know I was humming.

“Infinity is love. The best way to feel Infinity is to feel now.” Rael – Contact 393

She died serenely 3 days later.

 Never having been able to choose between various religions, at her request, I organized a Buddhist ceremony for her with Tibetan songs and mantras, a moment filled with religiosity. My sisters took charge of a ceremony at the catholic church, with songs and testimonies, without a priest or sermon. She didn’t want any of that.

 To be Raelian also means respecting the religion of others.

 Bon voyage to infinity, mom.

 Lyliane Jolly

Raelian Church Columnist