What a beautiful afternoon!

We were about thirty to enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful scenery of Chutes de la Chaudière Park, while spreading our waves of love and peace through our meditations and our music.

Passersby naturally joined us, staying for a moment to meditate, play tom-toms and sing with us. But our action was not limited to this place, since our meditations were transmitted live on Facebook and were seen by thousands of people!

In addition to our “1 minute for peace” guided meditations, our music and our Facebook Live, we have, through a discreet action, spread peace and love to a much higher level.

Melove, in all her purity and harmony, was standing blindfolded. In front of her, a poster on which was written a single sentence:

“Peace will not happen without you, without me

Muslim – Christian – Atheist – Raelian – Jehovah’s Witness – etc.

Hug for peace.”

People gently came to offer her a hug, with tenderness, respect, and love.

Peace is not concerned with religions, skin colors, or borders…

A few hours together, to have fun, to meditate, to vibrate our neurons, to play music… and we change everything! We are a step closer to a world of peace and love!

What a pleasure to raise awareness of the planet by actions so simple, yet so powerful!

See you next year for another edition of the International Peace Day with 1 Minute for Peace and No More Armies!