On Saturday, May 3, under the banner of Aramis-International (the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities), this year once again another team of Raelians have invited the public to better understand some of our Raelian values during our support for the Trans Pride Day, an annual event organized for more than 10 years by the ATQ (an association helping Transsexuals in Quebec).

It is important to realize that Raelism is the only religion that fully respects the rights of transgender people, like all people who identify with one or the other of the famous letters included in the acronym LGBT (a number of letters sometimes growing with the addition of Q , H and I) used to name the sexual minorities. As science demonstrates better than ever, sexual orientation and gender identity are genetically programmed and Maitreya Rael has made us aware of this from the earliest seminars, more than 30 years ago, at which time Marie-Marcelle Godbout was attending, she than later became the founder of the ATQ.

Marie-Marcelle is also a remarkable Raelian doing so much for a community living with heavy discriminations, but also with great fights and great victories.

We are very happy once again to proudly display the colors of our philosophy for this event, we invite you to join us next year, if only to hear and meet new and amazing people; as many Trans have had such exceptional challenges in life, they have become exceptional individuals.