About unaccountability !

I just finished Maurice Druon’s book The Damned Kings (“Les Rois maudits”). This reading inspired me to write a text about unaccountability. It is worth noting, as Paul Ohl says, that the historical novel involves dialogues that are always inspired by the historical context of proven facts. Druon imagines a retort by Adam Orleton, Bishop of Hereford to Queen Isabella of France, Queen of England (1292-1358) “Must one, so as not to destroy a single life, risk destroying many others?” p 1063.Read More

The true face of Anarchy

Whoever proposes to replace the current political systems with something like anarchism has completely lost his mind! “Don’t you think we are sufficiently drenched in anarchy, with the systems in place”, I hear you say in reaction to such an idea… Well precisely, we’re not “drenched” in it enough, and moreover not at all! Like many other ideas, the idea of anarchy is misunderstood, being associated with chaos and disorder, which it is absolutely not.Read More

Defeating death !!!

“Who wants to live forever”, sang the late Freddy Mercury, singer of the rock band “Queen”. Since the beginning of the world, human beings dreamed of being able to prolong the duration of their existence in a significant way, and their only hope resided perhaps religious beliefs that promised eternal life in some paradise. But the recent dazzling progress of science in the fields of medical science, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence might perhaps liberate us from divine intervention and open the doors to a paradise where death will indeed be a thing of the past!Read More

Mental health at risk !!!

In recent weeks in Quebec, the issue of mental health has been particularly present in the media. In a society where one has to do what they are told, where productivity sometimes takes precedence over the needs of the individual, mental health remains a taboo subject, especially for men, who are accustomed to repressing all forms of emotion which could betray what would perhaps be interpreted as a sign of weakness.Read More