Artificial Intelligence and Morality !!!

In the course of human history, the introduction of new technologies has always aroused its share of fears, justified or not. The increasingly operative integration of Artificial Intelligence in various spheres is lifting more than a few eyebrows, especially when the military might be showing interest in equipping increasingly advanced robots with this technology. The specter of the “Terminator” is hovering, and this frightening side of science fiction could become reality in the near future.Read More

Medical assistance in dying, and religions !!!

In the course of our humanity’s history, the great monotheistic religions, whose beliefs and principles are based on questionable interpretations of so-called sacred texts received at various epochs by prophets, obviously the elect of God, these religions were responsible for the worst kinds of horrors, in the name of evangelization; one of the greatest examples being the Catholic Church’s Inquisition in the Middle Ages which made millions of victims.Read More

Make robots pay taxes?

Wacky don’t you think?

According to this article, titled by The Canadian Press, this idea besides others, was developed and suggested to the liberal government in Ottawa, in an effort to help find solutions to the consequences of increased labour automation, by trying to prevent income inequality before it happens.Read More