Celebration in honor of the conception of the Maitreya Rael (City of Quebec, 25-12-2016)

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Open letter to Prime Minister Philippe Couillard

As President of the campaign “No More Armies”, I wanted to congratulate you for supporting the people of Quebec in offering a warm welcome to the Syrian refugees, despite the dramatic and highly publicized events of November 13 in Paris. As you said so rightly, we must show openness and this “despite the anger” in order not to give ground to those who wish to “throw the chaos and hatred in our society”1.

However, “No more Armies”, cannot support your speech any further when you declare that “when facing a deadly enemy, one has to fight with proportional weapons” 2. You know as well as I do that the law of retaliation “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” can only lead to a world of blind and toothless people … Responding to violence with violence contributes to an endless escalation of greater sufferings, wars and terrorism. Violence was NEVER and will NEVER be a solution.Read More