Gulf states seek nukes against Iran, had secret contacts with Tel Aviv – Israeli defense chief

RAEL’S COMMENT: not only is Israel not letting the UN inspect it’s nuclear capacities, but it is willing to sell atomic bombs to Arabic countries in a clear breach of non proliferation treaty. Their goal is pretty simple: by arming Arabic states with nuclear weapons they hope they will use it against each other, pursuing the same policy as in the last 20 years of weakening all Arabic and Muslim nations in order to facilitate their expansion toward Eretz Israel, a much larger state dominating the middle east. But if all Muslim , Shiites and Sunni, realize that they are all Muslim before all, they may well unite and use it against Israel.



Persian Gulf states are seeking nuclear weapons to counter “bad guy” Iran and have held clandestine meetings with Israel despite not having official ties with Tel Aviv, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon revealed at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.
“We see signs that countries in the Arab world are preparing to acquire nuclear weapons, that they are not willing to sit quietly with Iran on brink of a nuclear or atomic bomb,” Ya’alon told fellow defense ministers on Sunday, the final day of the Munich Security Conference.

Ya’alon did not name specific countries who might be interested in developing nuclear weapons and gave no evidence to back up his claims.

However, he then made a surprise statement that the Gulf states – officially hostile to Tel Aviv because of its occupation of the West Bank – had held clandestine meetings with Israel.

“Not only Jordan and Egypt,” he said, referring to the only Arab countries who signed peace treaties with Israel after three Arab-Israeli wars.

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The giant glass slipper church of Taiwan

RAEL’S COMMENT: stupid…and false! The original french story of Cinderella was talking about a slipper made of “vair” , word which was wrongly understood as “verre” and translated as glass. The slipper was in fact made of the fur of squirrel’s bellies. Not only it’s a wrong translation but it’s also a very stupid one: who would have been wearing a slipper made of glass?



A 16m-high (55ft) glass church in the shape of a high-heeled shoe has been built in Taiwan, apparently in a bid to attract more women.

A huge glass… what?
Yes, you read that right: a glass church, shaped just like a vast high-heeled shoe as if lost by a titan Cinderella while racing through the coastal province of Chaiyi.

Made out of over 320 tinted glass panels, the shiny blue building measures more than 10m (36ft) wide and cost about T$23m (US$686,000 £477,000).

It’s set to open its doors to the public on 8 February, just in time for Chinese New Year.

Who was the shoe-maker?
It is the creation of local government officials in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, a prominent tourist area in Taiwan, which decided to build it last June.

But Pan Tsuei-ping, the administration’s recreation section manager, told the BBC that the church will not be used for regular services, but pre-wedding photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

“In our planning, we want to make it a blissful, romantic avenue… Every girl imagines how they will look like when they become the bride,” Ms Pan told the BBC.

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Voici un message du responsable planétaire d’ARAMIS, Pierre-Paul.

Voici un message du responsable planétaire d'ARAMIS, Pierre-Paul. Je profite de l'occasion pour féliciter le dynamisme de l'équipe d'ARAMIS Canada sous le leadership de Frédérique! Votre guide national, Daniel   .....................   Pour vous faciliter la tâche, je vous donne le lien pour appuyer l’activité de diffusion faite samedi dernier à Montréal, par Frédérique, et la diffusion fait par nos frères [...]
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Mortalité d’une raëlienne. / Dead of raelian

Sorry for English people : this event will be done in Montréal tomorrow.
  Bonjour,     Opportunité d’assister à un prélèvement de l’os frontal prochainement pour ceux et celles qui n’y ont pas participé jusqu’à maintenant et qui serait disponible; veuillez m’informer ainsi que Réjean [...]
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‘Healthy’ drinks are worse for you than a Big Mac or Coke – Australian survey

RAEL’S COMMENT: the laugh of the morning! I have always to warned “healthy diet” people who drink glasses of apple juice (even freshly squeezed) that its way too much sugar , dangerous for diabetes and make you fat! The juice of one apple: OK ….but that make just a few table spoon of juice, not even half a glass!



A new survey conducted in Australia has discovered that the store-bought smoothies that are supposedly good for your health actually contain more calories than a Big Mac, and more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola.

The LiveLighter survey agency analyzed the calories, sugar and fat in 40 cold drinks that can be purchased in restaurants and fast-food cafes across Australia. And the findings are truly shocking.

A whopping 50 percent of all drinks – including three so-called ‘healthy’ smoothies – contained about 500 calories, more than a Big Mac.

Then 24 drinks had at least 16 teaspoons of sugar, while a “healthy” fat-free mango drink contained an astounding 31 teaspoons (some 120 grams).

A few of the shakes and ice-based frappes contained up to 20.5g of saturated fat – more than twice a Big Mac. That’s while the average Australian is recommended to have no more than 16g saturated fat a day.

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