A wind of hope !

Throughout history, the possession of power by a wealthy elite has sparked revolts among the majority maintained in a state of great poverty, fueling social injustice still present today. The wealthy are seen as individuals living in ivory towers, uninterested in the fact that a large proportion of their fellow human beings are “living hand to mouth”.Read More

For the attention of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada !

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I applaud very warmly Canada’s move on November 20 to oppose Israel’s great protector, the United States, by voting for Palestinian self-determination at the United Nations and reiterating its position on the illegality of the Israeli settlement system. In my opinion, this represents the minimum of integrity, decency and respect for the fundamental values of justice, human rights and the rights of peoples.Read More

A class for boys and a class for girls !!!

In the 18th century, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote “all education for women must be relative to men. To please them, to be useful to them, to be loved and honored by them, to raise them when young, to look after them when grown, to counsel them, to console them, to make their lives pleasant and sweet: these are the duties of women at all times, and which we must teach them from childhood onwards.”Read More

International Day for Sexuality Education from Childhood: Mobilizing against Religious and Political Interference !

Geneva, November 18, 2019—November 20th marks the United Nations Universal Children’s Day and the fifth anniversary of the International SexEd Day favouring Sexuality Education from childhood as recommended by the experts of several research reports of international institutions, including UNESCO and the WHO European Office.Read More

For the world to sing!

In his chronicle of August 15th, 2019 entitled “Re-enchanting the world”, published on the Internet in the newspaper “La Tribune”, Sébastien Lévesque, shares his sense of wonder at the cosmos and what appears as an infinite universe that we can contemplate night after night: “… we are children of the cosmos, brought about by it, from chemical elements formed directly in the heart of the stars, which in a way are our grandmothers”. Even though, for the author, science “… allows us to free ourselves from the barriers that separate us from each other and from the whole of nature”, and though “… science and spirituality can very well go hand in hand”, his words, as poetic as they may be, remain rooted in the theory of evolution: “We then find that our existence is the result of a long and gradual process of evolution of the cosmos…”.Read More

About unaccountability !

I just finished Maurice Druon’s book The Damned Kings (“Les Rois maudits”). This reading inspired me to write a text about unaccountability. It is worth noting, as Paul Ohl says, that the historical novel involves dialogues that are always inspired by the historical context of proven facts. Druon imagines a retort by Adam Orleton, Bishop of Hereford to Queen Isabella of France, Queen of England (1292-1358) “Must one, so as not to destroy a single life, risk destroying many others?” p 1063.Read More