Mental health at risk !!!

In recent weeks in Quebec, the issue of mental health has been particularly present in the media. In a society where one has to do what they are told, where productivity sometimes takes precedence over the needs of the individual, mental health remains a taboo subject, especially for men, who are accustomed to repress all forms of emotion which could betray what would perhaps be interpreted as a sign of weakness.Read More

Artificial Intelligence and Morality !!!

In the course of human history, the introduction of new technologies has always aroused its share of fears, justified or not. The increasingly operative integration of Artificial Intelligence in various spheres is lifting more than a few eyebrows, especially when the military might be showing interest in equipping increasingly advanced robots with this technology. The specter of the “Terminator” is hovering, and this frightening side of science fiction could become reality in the near future.Read More

4th International Day for Sex Education from Childhood !!!

Las Vegas, November 20, 2018November 20th is International Day for Children’s Rights. On this occasion, the International Raelian Movement (IRM) is organizing the fourth International SexEd Day, promoting sexuality education from childhood as recommended by experts from several international institutions’ research reports including UNESCO and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.Read More