Spirituality and fulfilment !

In an article published in La Presse+, titled “L’ouragan pédo menace le Vatican(1), (The pedophile hurricane a menace to the Vatican), Boucar Diouf makes a very well felt charge against an institution, the Catholic Church, which struggles to get its head out with a minimum of decency from the troubled waters where pedophile priests wade through. “It will take much more than a summit on sexual abuse to restore some dignity to this institution where hypocrisy, secrecy and sexual delinquency seem to have been trivialized for too long.”(2)Read More

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

The mission of a demystifying prophet!

Reading time: 2 minutes

At a conference on the revolution of transhumanism given by the French philosopher and political scientist Luc Ferry, a lot of astonishing things were learned, or let’s say astonishing for the general public, for these revelations were predicted long before him by the prophet Maitreya Rael. It will take a few more years, Luc Ferry tells us, before artificial intelligence will make a good number of obsolete jobs disappear.Read More

Working… is too hard

Ever heard of the French song (Working… is too hard) by Zachary Richard. It’s a song written for workers. One could interpret it as doing a repetitive and boring task that is too hard! To drive the point home, its Latin origin may emphasize even more its meaning: “The word work comes from the Latin Tripalium, which was an instrument of torture made up of three stakes! “Read More