Our E.T. Embassy Day adventure in Seattle !!!

On April 7th myself, David ,and two other Raelians, Pico and Ted, traveled from Vancouver to Seattle to give a Raelian presentation…It was an a exciting weekend for the Raelians as the 7th was the day after the Raelians around the world celebrated E.T. Embassy Day, on April 6th, to bring awareness about an Embassy to welcome what the Raelians believe is an advanced scientific humanity which created all life on earth, you can lean more about the Embassy Project here: Elohim EmbassyRead More

Defeating death !!!

“Who wants to live forever”, sang the late Freddy Mercury, singer of the rock band “Queen”. Since the beginning of the world, human beings dreamed of being able to prolong the duration of their existence in a significant way, and their only hope resided perhaps religious beliefs that promised eternal life in some paradise. But the recent dazzling progress of science in the fields of medical science, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence might perhaps liberate us from divine intervention and open the doors to a paradise where death will indeed be a thing of the past!Read More

Raelians solicit the UN to organize an international conference to discuss diplomatic arrangements for an Embassy to welcome an ET civilization to Earth !!!

GENEVA, April 2nd, 2019— “Raelians have been in negotiations for the past year with the first country to consider hosting an Embassy for Extraterrestrials,” declared Daniel Turcotte, Raelian Guide and Rael’s assistant for the Embassy Project. “It is now time to ask the United Nations to get involved,” he added.Read More