Being constantly solicited to give, we easily open our wallet to help: for research, to counter famine, to relieve misery.
Some choose to volunteer to directly reach out to others where there is a need for mutual assistance.

Lyliane Jolly, Columnist

Some go even further. They open their consciousness, realizing they have always been following the herd. They let their thoughts and their reactions be dictated by others.
So, they put their life on pause, and reflect upon what they could do to make themselves, and the world, feel better.

This is the path that Michel Jacques, native of the Beauce region, followed.
Mr. Jacques was tired of hating Muslims without understanding why. He therefore launched an invitation on Facebook to find Muslims who would like to chat with him.

MUSUL-BEAUCE PROJECT (spotted: Saint-Georges de Beauce)

“Good evening everyone. Would there be any Muslims willing to have a discussion with people from Beauce, in a peaceful and courteous way, so that we can get to know each other and perhaps also remove a few taboos on one side and the other? A good honest, open, and frank discussion…”

The response was immediate. The requests burst out from all sides, even from other provinces.

“The recipe is simple, just throw the invitation, as I did, and you will probably be overwhelmed with requests to participate! Then you rent a room, buy coffee, water bottles and donuts and that’s all there is to it. You prepare a discussion plan (I can provide you with the one I prepared, if needed) that you send to all the participants before the meeting, and that’s it!”, Mr. Jacques explains.

We often only see in others threats to our beliefs, our culture, our values, our ideals, even our race. We segregate. Only dialogue can tear down this wall that we erect around us.
It is good to open ourselves to diversity in its broadest sense.
Empathy is contagious. We just need develop it.
Despite what we can read or hear in the media, we are living in the least violent and the most prosperous era. An initiative of openness towards others, such as what Mr. Jacques instigated, can only allow the love of one’s neighbor to expand.

“Yes, one person can change everything… With a few words you can change the world; just a sentence to someone depressed can change his mind, you can save a life. Be aware of the power you have, you change the Universe, you change the Earth, you change other people’s life, you change yourself with every thought, every word, every action.” Rael, Contact 357

Lyliane Jolly
Canadian Raelian Movement, Columnist