Blessed insecurity

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Translation: Régine Paradis

We are in 2021 A.D., the entire press is muzzled by the Powerful. All of it? No! A handful of die-hard journalists still resist the temptation of the single thought.

This allusion to the world of Astérix is not insignificant; we are witnessing a real struggle between the “supporters” and the “antis” of vaccine-measures-coercion! David against Goliath, since to give the example of the province of Quebec, the CAQ government is pouring millions of $$$ into the official media in order to get its only message across: no salvation outside of vaccines! We will see later that this statement is false; treatments other than vaccines have been proven effective!

In this entire saga, journalists seem to have lost all independence from the powers that be, and any dissenting voice is systematically dismissed. Fortunately, some journalists or columnists still honour their profession, as in the case of Stéphane Bureau who interviews Didier Raoult, oh sin, and is rebuked by the Radio-Canada Ombudsman. For an interview, all in all, rather harmless!

So, in the camp of the brave Gaulish besieged on all sides, are there other voices being heard? It seems so! Christian Dufour, political scientist and author, and for the occasion a contributor to the newspaper La Presse+, writes in the introduction to his text entitled “Security before freedom”: “This was the percentage and the declaration of too much. When Dr. Horacio Arruda and other experts suggested that 95% of Quebecers should be vaccinated against COVID-19, the Director of Public Health did not rule out that sanitary measures should be permanently in place”(1) and added: “This confirmed what I feared in La Presse in February: the definitive implantation in our society, with the applause of most, of a new sanitary ideology that systematically puts security before freedom.”

The important message conveyed by this columnist is one of great lucidity, and above all of great accuracy! Are we going to accept, as a society, and “under the applause of most” (which is even more worrying) to throw away our freedom in the name of an illusory security? This warning is 100% in line with the message of the prophet Rael: “I am for the freedom to live and risk one’s life as one wishes.”(2)

In such a context, where any individual who questions the official narrative is qualified as a conspiracy theorist, Christian Dufour has this tasty phrase: “For a health ideology that has become hegemonic, the accusation of being a conspiracy theorist has become the equivalent of that of being a heretic for the Catholic dogma of the past. So let’s go with a nice heresy, which our dear rulers won’t be able to hide much longer: alternatives to COVID vaccines do exist and have been proven, as mentioned by Jacques Pollini, PhD and researcher at the Department of Anthropology of McGill University: “Covid can be treated with ivermectin (Bryan et al 2021, Hill et al. 2021, Kory et al. 2021)(3). This molecule, often combined with the antibiotic doxycycline, has already been used widely and successfully in Peru (Chamie-Quintero et al. 2021), Mexico (Merino et al. 2021), and some states in India. The main pretext for justifying vaccination on a large scale is the non-existence of any alternative treatment, which appears to be an odious lie!

A society that chooses to put security before freedom is a society that chooses to be governed by fear. Does being afraid protect us? From illness, from death? It rather prevents us from living, doesn’t it? Isn’t the remedy to accept the inevitable? This is what Maitreya Rael transmits with these wonderful words:

“People now live in fear, so much fear… of dying.

It’s so funny!

To see everyone with masks, vaccines, putting distance.

Fear of dying.


Everyone will die, we will all die.

So what?

If you are afraid to die: you will die.


Once the fear is gone, what is left? The happiness of living, each moment as if it were the last! And, it seems, happiness is excellent for the immune system! But don’t tell that to the politicians…!

Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

(1) (In French only)


(3) (In French only)