Iranian warships to head for Gulf of Mexico

RAEL’S COMMENT: Wonderful decision!
As long as the US imperialist’s bullying and criminal power doesn’t withdraw its armies from the borders of the countries it doesn’t like, Iran but also China and Russia should also place armies close to US borders. That’s the only way to avoid adding more innocent people killed by US armies invasions and occupation. Already 20 millions since the end of World War 2… And the US is ready anytime to kill millions more as “collateral damages”.
Elohim message is very clear “the life of one human being is more important than the survival of all Humanity”. So, avoiding future wars by balanced military forces especially equipped with nuclear weapons will make wars and invasions impossible and save millions of people as everybody will be afraid of a nuclear holocaust and will finally be forced to agree to destroy all weapons of mass destruction and pull back to their own countries.
It’s true that it’s also well possible that this leads to a nuclear world war destroying all Humanity. But that’s precisely the message of Elohim: “the life of one Human being is more important than all Humanity”. So, if Human beings destroy themselves in a nuclear world war, that’s great: it would mean that they do not deserve to survive and reach an interplanetary level of civilization.
As Elohim explained: there is a cosmic rule which make every form of life destroy themselves in the universe if they reach a high level of technology without having also a high level of consciousness, which means an absolute respect for life and saying that the life of one being is more important than the life of their entire population.
That explains why the Elohim will not come and save everybody if a world nuclear war starts. They will not do it because it would not respect this cosmic law of the natural order called natural selection.
But yes, they will come and save the real Raelians – those who follow their messages, past, present and future, transmitted by their Prophet – and the very few non-Raelians who work for peace and love.
Elohim with their infinite wisdom and compassion constantly adjust their messages according to the evolution of the situation on Earth, with always the goal to save all Humanity without betraying the Natural Order as Natural Order is the absolute Guide and also the Guide of our Creators. And as long as human beings do not respect the law which say that the life of one Human being is more important than all Humanity, then this humanity deserves to disappear in order to respect the natural order of the universe.
And we do have the unique privilege to be guided directly by our Creators through the Messages, past, present and future, being transmitted by their unique Messenger.
All the false followers of absolute non-violence, supporting the idea of non proliferation and disarmament of the weak countries, are active accomplices of the killing of the millions of people killed as collateral damages by the bullying superpowers. Every day hundreds of Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, etc… are killed by the bullies. These false supporters of absolute non-violence share the responsibility for their death as they don’t take into account that “the life of one Human being is more important than all Humanity”. They totally betray absolute non-violence as they are focused on the survival of Humanity even if it means killing not one but millions of people in order to save Humanity.
A total betrayal of the real absolute non-violence.
Yes, proliferation and balance of powers between all nations can trigger the end of Humanity, but that’s better than accepting the death of one human being in order to save all.
Because, in this case, first Humanity will survive for a little while more, with still millions of people dying and more and more chances of inevitable self-destruction.
The deep meaning of the last Elohim message is love, and trying to save us all.
The opposite would be to ask us to kill somebody in order to save us all. And such message I would refuse to transmit, as it would betray absolute non-violence, even if it was true, as “the life of one Human being is more important than the survival of all Humanity.”
Abraham was ready to kill his own son because Elohim asked him, in order to test his level of consciousness in a kind of Satan’s test; The last Prophet would immediately refuse. Because he is absolute non-violence and love.
Thank you Elohim for having guided us in the past, guiding us now and guiding us in the future with Messages adapted to our evolution.



The Iranian Navy will soon be sending a force to visit Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico, a newly-appointed naval commander has said. The move will be a demonstration of the country’s ability to project power far beyond its shores.
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With 50,000 Yemeni children dead in 2017, UK-US-Saudi war enters horrific new stage

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