Penis de Milo? Phallic parade honors ancient Greek god of fertility and wine making

RAEL’S COMMENT: The pre-Christian religions were much healthier both mentally and physically. Celebrating sexuality is infinitely better than celebrating the bloody death of a crucified man.

 Revellers brought the winter festival season to a close in Athens with a penis-themed celebration of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility.

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‘Shocking’: Afghans make 1.17mn human rights abuse claims in 3 months

RAEL’S COMMENT: The US State Department said at the time of Bensouda’s announcement that it opposes the court’s involvement in Afghanistan. Surprised? Americans always want other countries people to be prosecuted for war crimes but want to keep total impunity for their soldiers whatever they do …

 The International Criminal Court (ICC) began collecting submissions of alleged war crimes from Afghan citizens three months ago. Since then, it has received over 1.17 million allegations, according to a report by The AP.

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RAEL’S COMMENT: Funny how people feel more “spiritual” when they use fashionable Hindi or Sanskrit expressions like “Namaste” which simply means “respect to you” with a little bow. Say it in English or in French or in your own language! Using some words from an exotic language that you don’t even speak doesn’t make you “spiritual” at all! It just makes you a follower of an exotic pseudo spiritual fashion. Real spirituality is in your brain. Express it in your own language! Peace and love to all.

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