SCOTUS balks at CIA torture report release request

RAEL’S COMMENT: We would expect these barbaric tortures from Nazi era Germany… but it’s done actually by USA, the champion in the promotion of Human rights and democracy… laughable!



 The US Supreme Court has turned down an appeals request from the American Civil Liberties Union seeking to force the CIA to release the full 2014 Senate report about the agency’s use of torture tactics.

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Masked Israeli settlers assault Jewish-Arab activists with stones, sticks

RAEL’S COMMENT: It’s hard to believe that their parents were probably victims of Nazi atrocities. They are not even real Jews as no real Jew would dare to hurt a rabbi… And the world is watching without doing anything. Imagine if that was happening to Jews in an Arab country: immediately all the world medias and people would protest and send armies to protect the victims. But as it’s perpetrated by Israeli nobody is moving a finger and main medias are silent… I was politically correct to ignore Jews genocide at the time of nazism and it’s now politically correct to ignore the Palestinian genocide.

Video footage of a group of masked Israeli settler youths attacking a group of activists and Palestinian shepherds in the Jordan Valley has received global media coverage. The attack left five activists injured.

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