ARAMIS 2014 in Canada

ARAMIS, the Raelian Association for Sexual Minorities founded by Rael, spiritual leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement, has particularly distinguished itself this summer 2014 across Canada through its presence noticed in LGBTT main events.

These actions were made possible thanks to Aramis Canada volunteers, under the leadership of Frédérique Dorsay, the national leader of this association.

ARAMIS, who defends sexual minorities on a daily basis through letters, petitions and interventions on social networks, is active in most of the public events that allow it to achieve its mission.

ARAMIS has a unique place in the LGBTT landscape as demonstrated by its slogan “Be Happy To Be Who We Are”. This association focuses, among others, on the fact that all human beings, whatever their differences, are entitled to happiness and fulfillment.

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GoTopLess celebrates women’s liberty on Mont-Royal

GoTopless presents a short report on the action that took place on Sunday, August 24, on the mountain.

Surrounded by a joyful atmosphere of the drums and glorious sunshine, many women have exercised their right to enjoy this afternoon bare breast just like men.

It is through the eyes of Maude, a young passer-by who testified her vision and her comments, that we can understand the challenge that women have to express their freedom!

See you next year!

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Swastika Rehabilitation Week in Canada

Events were held all week on all continents in support of this precious cause in the eyes of Raelians who wish to change the opinion in Western countries about this symbol that has been around for thousands of years. It is peacefully revered by over a billion people now, especially in Asia; a symbol used everywhere on earth in major religions. 

In Canada, Raelians have held their events on Saturday, July 12 and once again this year, the campaign has not gone unnoticed despite the refusal from the giant billboard owners, claiming that it would displease some communities. 

In Quebec City, 25 people participated in this event with a human size balloon, placards and leaflets. On a predetermined route, the Raelians crossed hundreds of people overwhelmingly positive towards us. Donald Tremblay, in charge of the Quebec City region tells us: “One of the highlights was to meet a group of tourists from India … you imagine their reaction! On the way back, a few interested people to who we handed out flyers went directly online to access our site. The event lasted almost three hours and it was a great success! What a great team, what a beautiful harmony!!! “
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Aramis-International under the beautiful colors of the Trans Pride 2014

On Saturday, May 3, under the banner of Aramis-International (the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities), this year once again another team of Raelians have invited the public to better understand some of our Raelian values during our support for the Trans Pride Day, an annual event organized for more than 10 years by the ATQ (an association helping Transsexuals in Quebec).

It is important to realize that Raelism is the only religion that fully respects the rights of transgender people, like all people who identify with one or the other of the famous letters included in the acronym LGBT (a number of letters sometimes growing with the addition of Q , H and I) used to name the sexual minorities. As science demonstrates better than ever, sexual orientation and gender identity are genetically programmed and Maitreya Rael has made us aware of this from the earliest seminars, more than 30 years ago, at which time Marie-Marcelle Godbout was attending, she than later became the founder of the ATQ.

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Toronto Raelian team welcomes a special guest to the 1st Sunday of April celebration

On the first Sunday of April Celebration, the Toronto team had the privilege of having our National Guide Daniel Turcotte and his companion Jasmin Chang. It created a special energy of love and appreciation among us. This was transmitted in different ways, from the delicious pot luck of tasty foods to the many interesting conversations and laughter.

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Canadian Raelians in support of Clitoraid

In support of Clitoraid the Raelians of Canada demonstrated in front of The Embassy and Consulates of Burkina Faso

On Friday, March 7, Raelians in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver offered their support to Clitoraid, outraged of being denied a permit to operate the African hospital yet it meets all the necessary requirements.

“Most of us have given several hours of our time for years to open this wonderful hospital dedicated to repair for free the harm done to millions of women who do not have the means to regain their integrity and dignity”, said Hélène Munger, Clitoraid representative in Ottawa. “Despite the silence in response to our request to officially meet with The Ambassador, this morning the latter accepted our letter in person. Surrounded by a dozen people, The Ambassador explained that Clitoraid had to follow certain steps to get the license and that it was not in any way a religious discrimination. He added that his Government is doing everything possible to stop the excision, but he seemed not to feel at ease”.
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First symposium on genital reconstruction, in Montreal

A moving and informative event full of hope

On Sunday, February 23, around one hundred people gathered for this heartfelt appeal; an intimate conversation on a topic still taboo for some, while almost unknown for many others. The topic was FGM and was brilliantly introduced to us in all its facets, first by Habibata who shared her personal story and how she lived the atrocity of this experience in her flesh as a little girl, a story so visceral that even if words were sometimes not easy to express they did not fail to leave the audience moved to tears on several occasions.

But the excision itself is not just about the infliction of a serious injury to the body. There is also a huge cloud of obscurantism surrounding this practice that can only bedescribed as barbaric the moment we take a short step outside the confines of this tradition. Dr. Samantha Dubray followed with a tour de force presentation on human sexuality and how excision relates to it from a psychological and sexological perspective with an emphasis on how it is now possible for excised women to recover a sense of dignity and psychological stability by going through a procedure that enables them to be whole again for the first time in adulthood.

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Raelians invited to present their religion to York Region police officers

December 11, Aurora, Ontario. Abbee Corb, PhD in Criminology and Hate Crime from the city of Newmarket Hate Crime Unit, invited Raelian representatives from Toronto to participate to a workshop offered to a larger unit of 65 police officers (for a full day of training) on World religions. York Region is considered to be the most diversified region in the entire country and for the second time, the Raelian philosophy was on center stage to educate the officers about the Raelian symbol and much more.

Recently, the region experienced events that were perceived at first as hate crimes events but when these events were investigated, they found that they were rituals based on religious practices. When people immigrate to a new country, they bring along their cultural and religious practices and it made sense that those who are policing the region should know about them.
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