The GoTopless organization is outraged by the setbacks imposed on a 3-year old girl and wishes to convey its support to her mother Veronique Shapiro.

MONTREAL, Sept 2 – Days after the 7th annual GoTopless Day raised public awareness of equal topless rights, a lifeguard at a Montreal public pool ordered a 3-year old girl to wear a top. If she didn’t comply, he said, the toddler and her mother, Veronique Shapiro, would have to leave immediately.

“I’m shocked,” said Sylvie Chabot, Raelian priestess and spokesperson for GoTopless-Canada. “The lifeguard’s reprimanding order was discriminatory and reprehensible. It will affect this child for the rest of her life!”

Chabot said blatant gender discrimination about topless rights occurring at such an early age greatly impairs a girl’s psychological development.

“It’s the equivalent of imposing a burka on her,” Chabot said. “Were topless toddler boys at the pool told to cover their chests?” Of course not!”

Chabot reflected that this 3-year old had absorbed a painful lesson: that her chest must be hidden because it’s somehow shameful.

“Yet a boy’s chest, which looks absolutely identical at that age, isn’t considered shameful at all,” Chabot said. “What an outrageous double standard! The imprint of this shaming experience will have devastating consequences for the girl’s body image and feeling of self-worth.”

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Labor Day : Raelians Urge the Government to Free Canadian Citizens from the Slavery of Work

A press conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel on Bay in downtown Toronto, September 3rd at 10:30 AM.

Toronto, August 29th, 2014 – Following the increasing global economic crises, social and economic inequality and the violence which arises from these issues, Raelians are introducing a new socioeconomic system to the Canadian media and governments called “Paradism”, which they say would solve all these problems and more within a very short time.

Raelian spokesperson Nicole Bertrand explained the concept: “Our world is paralyzed by profit. This creates inequality among people. Rich get richer and poor get poorer. Tensions are rising, there are more fights over resources, people are starving – or if they are lucky, they are working their whole lives many hours a week just in order to eat. Paradism will solve all these things and more. Paradism is communism without its drawbacks. There is no proletariat, no money and no production for profit. Instead of ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,’ Paradism will provide ‘abundance for all’ and it will do it indefinitely. Thanks to Paradism, we can all live in a world without work or money.”

The Canadian Raelian Movement ( is asking that the Canadian and provincial governments to implement as soon as possible this political/social system proposed years ago by RAËL.

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Les Raëliens célèbrent la journée de la Fête du travail et exhortent le gouvernement canadien à libérer leurs citoyens de l’esclavage du travail Une conférence de presse aura lieu à l’Hôtel Marriott sur la rue Bay au centre-ville de Toronto le 3 septembre à 10h30.

Toronto, 29 août 2014 – Conséquemment à la crise économique mondiale croissante, à l'inégalité sociale et économique et à la violence qui découle de ces problèmes, les Raëliens présentent un nouveau système socio-économique aux médias canadiens et aux gouvernements appelé le « Paradisme », qui, disent-ils, résoudrait tous ces problèmes et plus encore dans un [...]
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GoTopless: Raelian women ask Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair to support Canada’s Constitution

Montreal, August 20, 2014 – GoTopless, an international organization of women who campaign in favor of women’s equal rights to be topless in public wherever men have this right, will celebrate its 7th year anniversary on August 24, 2014.

GoTopless spokesperson, Sylvie Chabot, explained: “In Montreal, this year’s event will be held on Sunday, August 24 at 1pm, by the Georges Étienne Cartier monument. It is interesting to note that engraved on this monument we can read, ‘Canada must be a country of freedom and all freedoms must be protected by the Law,’ Cartier, 1867. Nearly 150 years have passed and it is time for this quote to materialize.”

GoTopless is inviting Montreal residents to participate in this event which they point out will increase pressure on the government to amend current laws. In Vancouver, a GoTopless walk will take place on Robson street starting at 1 p.m.Read More

The Raelian Movement explains the many recent UFO sightings in Canada

According to Chris Rutkowski, director of UFOlogy Research of Manitoba, a considerable number of Canadians have reported being the witness of a UFO sighting last year. In fact, UFOs have been reported in record numbers unequalled in 25 years. Mr. Rutkowski explained this phenomenon by suggesting that, “Perhaps, more people are simply searching for divine answers and catching a glimpse of something else.” Another possibility, as he explained, could be because “The downturn in the economy is leading to an increased desire by some people to look skyward for assistance.” Although this suggestion by Mr. Rutkowski is interesting, Raelians see it more as an apocalyptic sign.

Daniel Turcotte, leader of the Canadian Raelian Movement asserted, “This increase in UFO sightings only confirms our religious writings in which it is clearly stated that the Elohim of the Bible – the extraterrestrial scientists who created all life on earth – would be making increased appearances “to see the reactions of public authorities, governments, and the press.” In the message the Elohim gave to humanity through their messenger, Rael, they say: The only help we will give you will be to appear in the skies more and more frequently from now on in order to make people aware (…) and make them want to learn more about the truth that you are transmitting. Gradually, thanks to these increased sightings, public awareness will also increase and our presence will no longer trigger stupid adoration, but instead a deep desire within the population to make contact with us.”Read More

Rael launches ‘One Minute for Peace Campaign’

“If everyone on earth gives one minute of meditation for peace and love, then we can change the world.”
Maitreya Rael, July 2012

In a recent address, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, proposed to have as many people as possible give just one minute of their time to meditate for peace.

“What we think, what we express and what we feel is affecting everything else in the universe and of course everything on Earth,” Rael said. We are powerful brain wave transmitters and the Earth needs peace and love.”   Read More

Rael: Objector Natan Blanc awarded Honorary Guide title

Conscientious objector Natan Blanc has been awarded the title of Honorary Guide for Humanity by Rael, the Spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, for his repeated refusal to serve the Israel defense forces.

The young objector has spent five and a half months behind bars for refusing to join the Israeli army because of the occupation before finally being released.

“His refusal to serve  the Israeli army of occupation and genocide is commendable” said Rael ” he is an example for the young Israeli generation who needs to be told that violence will never be a solution to any conflict”

Blanc resonates many years of Rael’s encouraging when he said that Israeli citizens as human beings have a moral duty to refuse to participate in this cynical game.” In 2007, Rael was calling for an “Israeli Gandhi” – an Israeli citizen who would lead Israel with nonviolence.  Rael also called for Israeli citizens to adopt the Palestinian orphans of war and raise them as Muslim, pointing out how this would immediately facilitate fraternity between the two peoples. The government did not allow this however.

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Largest Billboard Companies in Canada Refuse To Print Ancient Religious Symbol

MONTREAL, July 9, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – Recently, owners of the largest billboards in Canada refused the Raelians’ business, which would promote their Swastika rehabilitation campaign. Their reason: “While I can appreciate your group has a unique perspective on the Swastika, it is not until you go to your website that one gains your perspective. For many people this ad will be seen to be offensive and inflammatory. For that reason we will not post it (see the board on this link:

Marc Rivard, spokesperson for this campaign explained “This is a catch 22. How can the world be re-educated about this if no one (like this billboard company) accepts to show people the truth about the swastika?! This proves that much work still needs to be done to rehabilitate this ancient religious symbol. The goal of this campaign is to return the true meaning of peace and harmony to this ancient symbol, which was regretfully hijacked by the Nazis. If we need to ban any symbol that was used to lead people into violence then we would need to ban the crucifix as well. The crusades as well as the KKK (and others) used the crucifix to promote violence and yet no one is asking for the banning of the cross.”

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An Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization: the Raelians will file a formal application to the Canadian Government!

Ottawa, June 2nd 2014 – On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, representatives of the International Raelian Movement in Canada will officially hand over the project file for the construction of the Embassy of Elohim to the Canadian Government. After seven refusals for the State of Israel to answer the request of the Raelian Movement, RAEL decided in 2000 to offer the opportunity to host this historic project to all countries of the world!

“The file we will give to Prime Minister Harper, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Finance includes two main sections. The first is a request for a Lot Of Land, 4 square kilometers in Canada and the second is a request to grant extraterritoriality, as for all Embassies in the world”, declared Daniel Turcotte, RAEL’s assistant for the Embassy project. “In return, Canada will benefit from an economic impact of tens of billions of dollars in the long term. In addition, the host country of this Embassy will improve and enjoy an immense prestige being the interplanetary hub. The residents of this country will be the first to benefit from the Elohim’s very advanced technology in the fields, among others, of bio-robotics, nanotechnology, medicine, transport and communications, as well as an access to some sources of energy currently impossible to imagine by our scientists”, added Turcotte.

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