Canadian natives abused

A truth and reconciliation commission examining what native leaders call one of the most tragic and racist chapters in Canada’s history has begun. The commission will study Canada’s decades-long policies that removed Aboriginal children from their families to force Christianity upon them. The state-funded religious schools were often the scenes of horrific physical and sexual abuse. From the 19th Century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 aboriginal children were required to attend Christian schools in an attempt to rid them of their native cultures and languages and integrate them into society…. We see here again the same despiteful technique used by Christians on every continent, Kama, Ixachitlan… So much suffering in the name of god again!

The federal government admitted 10 years ago that physical and sexual abuse in the once-mandatory schools was rampant. Many students recall being beaten for speaking their native languages, and losing touch with their parents and customs.

That legacy of abuse and isolation has been cited by leaders of native communities as the root cause of continuing epidemic rates of alcoholism and drug addiction on reservations.

The commission, which is in the early phase of its research, will spend five years travelling across the country to hear stories from former students, teachers and others involved in the so-called residential schools run by the Roman Catholic Church and various Protestant denominations.

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U.S. deserter to be deported from Canada

Sgt. Corey Glass, 25, is to be deported from Canada for having fled there to avoid fighting what he knows is an illegal war in Iraq. He will be deported June 12 (2008) unless Canada changes its ruling. Of the 40 U.S. deserters who have applied for asylum in Canada, Canada’s high court has heard five cases and refused all of them.

Rael sent the following comment: “These deserters and everyone else who refuse to fight are the most courageous Americans and should be a model for all young Americans. Canada should be ashamed for not granting them the statute of political refugees.”

According to the laws of many countries, a deserter can even face death for refusing to fight. When we look at things from a humanitarian point of view, this is madness. Simply put, the US and other countries can kill those who refuse to kill. These are often the same countries which also use capital punishment – killing those who kill.

So what or who decided upon this insane “reason”? It’s always those who want to maintain power and wealth, of course.

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Don’t miss “Deliver Us From Evil”

A movie-Documentary directed by Amy Berg will be released soon that portrays one of the thousands of Catholic Priests who have used their authority to abuse children and destroy their innocence, their dreams and their life…

We wish to relay here what Amy Berg says on the website associated to his movie… so moving…

Yes, to abuse children is a sign of a sick mind… and to prevent adult people to live their sexual life leads to these sick minds who relieve their frustration on innocent victims.

Our deep thanks to Amy Berg for raising awareness and saving children for being abused tomorrow… hopefully!!

See also our website on the matter:

The movie’s website: More

Hatred in the streets of Montreal, Canada

On March 8, about 50 raelians participated to the women’s day demonstration in Montreal.

Veronique, the leader of order of angel in Canada tells us how it went :

“We were there wearing beautiful hats that we had made as we wanted to express our femininity. It started nicely despite the cold, we were feeling solidarity with the other associations walking up the street of Ste Catherine. Suddenly, about half way, a group started to shout ” A bas les raeliens” which means something like “get off raelians”. They were people from associations claiming on their posters the respect of human rights and of women’s rights, tolerance and non-violence. A mother even left her child in a pram to come and yell at us derogatory words about our religion. After a while most of the participants were gathered around us telling us we have nothing to do there. Where were we? Was it a march for tolerance towards women? We found ourselves in the middle of a hainous crowd!.”

The Prophet Rael made the following declaration after learning about the event:

This Anti-Raelian hatred corresponds exactly to what occurred when crowds looked at, and supported with pleasure, the massacre of the first Christians in the Roman arenas. As well as with the anti-semitic acts of hatred in Nazi Germany. Nothing new!!
Nowadays, as it is politically correct to not persecute the Jews, the Blacks or Homosexuals, the only targets which remain, or the only possible scapegoats, are the religious minorities which cause a disturbance, in particular the Raelians… the thirst to hate with impunity which relies on the lowest of instincts of each human being encouraged by the evolving media is not astonishing or new. And that is not attributable to any particular media actions like the burnt crosses… Well before the crosses, when we collected food for the homeless, the reactions were the same. It is necessary to keep a panoramic vision in time.

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