Saudi Arabia scandalous censorship of Facebook

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Scandalous censorship of facebook making it impossible to show the image directly….but I found a way ! Share ! And the US is supporting this government !


‘We have no water, running out of food:’ Saudi princesses kept hostages by king in their own palace

The Saudi princesses who have been locked up by their father – the king of Saudi Arabia – for about 13 years for speaking out against the country’s oppression of women, told RT they are on survival mode in their own palace.

“We are running out of food and out of water. We are on survival mode. We are eating some expired food. All that we can find,” Sahar and Jawaher Al Saud, the daughters of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, told RT.

The sisters are being kept, as they say, against their will in two mansions inside a royal compound in the city of Jeddah along with their two other sisters – Maha and Hala. They are between the ages of 38 and 42, with at least one said to be suffering from psychological problems.

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Young kids learn violence very early…

RAEL’S COMMENT:  That is a very good law! It should be applied everywhere in the world ! Young kids learn violence very early and if not punished they will remember it forever.When I was a child I suffered it a lot with french teachers looking the other side on purpose.


Kindergarten cop: California kids could face misdemeanor charges over bullying

Young kids could face misdemeanor charges for bullying, according to a new law proposed in southern California.

The legislation in the city of Carson would target anyone from kindergarten age to 25 who makes another person feel “terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested,” AP reported.

First-time offenders could be fined $100, while a second infraction would cost $200, and a third-time offense could entail a criminal misdemeanor charge.

Adults who are involved in bullying would be charged with either an infraction or a misdemeanor, which could see them put behind bars.

The law is also set to deal with different forms of cyber-bullying.

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The only solution is a world revolution imposing Paradism

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The only solution is a world revolution imposing Paradism. This is necessary, for the wealthy will never agree to give up their privileges peacefully. This could be done almost without violence, if the wealthy accept the change. But there is little chance they will. Instead, at a time when more and more people are struggling to survive, they will use (and already use) their wealth to pay huge militarized police forces under the pretext of “protecting public order” to avoid losing their privileges. And the hungry masses are an ideal society to provide them with policemen, by ensuring their work to pay for food for their families, convinced by their teachers that they “protect public order“ using the media they own and politicians they corrupt. But eventually, the revolution will prevail for a very simple reason: the enormous mass revolt against the very small minority represented by the super wealthy ones. And no military force can be strong enough to resist it. Unfortunately, it will be very violent. The choice of the super wealthy dominants is very simple: either share peacefully or become victims of a very bloody revolution.

Hopefully they will make the right choice before it is too late.

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What doesn’t kill you may make you live longer

RAEL’S COMMENT:  amazing discovery destroying the myth of “anti- oxydants” and showing that free radical promote longevity!


What is the secret to aging more slowly and living longer? Not antioxidants, apparently.

Many people believe that free radicals, the sometimes-toxic molecules produced by our bodies as we process oxygen, are the culprit behind aging. Yet a number of studies in recent years have produced evidence that the opposite may be true.

Now, researchers at McGill University have taken this finding a step further by showing how free radicals promote longevity in an experimental model organism, the roundworm C. elegans. Surprisingly, the team discovered that free radicals – also known as oxidants – act on a molecular mechanism that, in other circumstances, tells a cell to kill itself.

Programmed cell death, or apoptosis, is a process by which damaged cells commit suicide in a variety of situations: to avoid becoming cancerous, to avoid inducing auto-immune disease, or to kill off viruses that have invaded the cell. The main molecular mechanism by which this happens is well conserved in all animals, but was first discovered in C. elegans – a discovery that resulted in a Nobel Prize.

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Acid-Alkaline Myth: Part 1

RAEL’S COMMENT: one of the best site explaining why the acidic/alkaline diet is a myth. Another problem for vegetarians or vegans.


Many of you have probably heard of the ‘alkaline diet’. There are a few different versions of the acid-alkaline theory circulating the internet, but the basic claim is that the foods we eat leave behind an ‘ash’ after they are metabolized, and this ash can be acid or alkaline (alkaline meaning more basic on the pH scale).

According to the theory, it is in our best interest to make sure we eat more alkaline foods than acid foods, so that we end up with an overall alkaline load on our body. This will supposedly protect us from the diseases of modern civilization, whereas eating a diet with a net acid load will make us vulnerable to everything from cancer to osteoporosis. To make sure we stay alkaline, they recommend keeping track of urine or saliva pH using handy pH test strips.

In this two-part series, I will address the main claims made by proponents of the alkaline diet, and will hopefully clear up some confusion about what it all means for your health.

Foods can influence our urine pH

Before I start dismantling this theory, I want to acknowledge a couple things they get right. First, foods do leave behind acid or alkaline ash. The type of ‘ash’ is determined by the relative content of acid-forming components such as phosphate and sulfur, and alkalis such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. (12) In general, animal products and grains are acid forming, while fruits and vegetables are alkali forming. Pure fats, sugars, and starches are neutral, because they don’t contain protein, sulfur, or minerals.

It’s also true that the foods we eat change the pH of our urine. (34) If you have a green smoothie for breakfast, for example, your pee a few hours later will likely be more alkaline than that of someone who had bacon and eggs. As a side note, it’s also very easy to measure your urine pH, and I think this is one of the big draws of the alkaline diet. Everyone can probably agree that it’s satisfying to see concrete improvements in health markers depending on your diet, and pH testing gives people that instant gratification they desire. However, as you’ll see below, urine pH is not a good indicator of the overall pH of the body, nor is it a good indicator of general health.Read More

John Paul II crucifix crushes man

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The “protection of god”…lol . If you add the thousands who have been killed when they take refuge in churches when there are earthquakes or hurricanes and are crushed to death when the churches fall on them you see how their imaginary god is powerless.

A 21-year old man has died after being crushed by a crucifix erected in honour of Pope John Paul II in northern Italy. Marco Gusmini was killed instantly and one other man taken to hospital, Italian media reported.

Part of the 30m-high (100ft) sculpture collapsed at a ceremony ahead of the Pope’s canonisation. John Paul II and his predecessor, Pope John XXIII, are due to be declared saints on Sunday.

The crucifix commemorates the Pope’s visit to the area in 1998.

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France pulls out of Rwanda genocide commemorations

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Another crime of France in Africa which was never really decolonized . That will be done only when ex french African colonies, revert to pre colonization borders, stop using french language, and apostatize massively from the colonizator ‘s religion : christianity. Like Mao Tse Toung said brilliantly there is no revolution as long as there is no cultural revolution.

The French government has announced that it is pulling out of the 20th anniversary commemorations on Monday for the Rwandan genocide.

The decision follows an accusation by the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, that France participated in the mass killings in 1994. Mr Kagame has previously made similar allegations, which France has denied. The French foreign ministry said the remarks went against reconciliation efforts between the two countries. French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira has cancelled her plans to attend the events in Kigali on Monday, foreign ministry spokesman Romain Nadal says.

Rwanda is holding a series of events to commemorate the 1994 genocide

Speaking to the French-language weekly news magazine Jeune Afrique, Mr Kagame denounced the “direct role of Belgium and France in the political preparation for the genocide”. Rwanda was a Belgian colony until 1962.

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15 Major Corporations You Never Knew Profited from Slavery

RAEL’S COMMENT:  They should have all their assets seized and distributed equally to descendants of slaves and countries where they were abducted.


The enslavement of African people in the Americas by the nations and peoples of Western Europe, created the economic engine that funded modern capitalism. Therefore it comes as no surprise that most of the major corporations that were founded by Western European and American merchants prior to roughly 100 years ago, benefited directly from slavery.

Lehman Brothers, whose business empire started in the slave trade, recently admitted their part in the business of slavery.

According to the Sun Times, the financial services firm acknowledged recently that its founding partners owned not one, but several enslaved Africans during the Civil War era and that, “in all likelihood,” it “profited significantly” from slavery.

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Push in Sardinia for online vote on independence from Italy

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Excellent ! All over the world more nations want to separate from artificial big states created by military force by kings and empires from the past. That’s good for peace! Only huge artificial empires keeping by force people with very different languages and cultures can maintain huge armies with weapons of mass destruction endangering all Humanity, Viva free Sardinia, … Scotland,  Crimea, Venezia, Tahiti, Guadeloupe, Catalonia, California, Basques, Corsica, etc

The island of Sardinia plans to hold an online referendum on independence from Italy, following in the footsteps of country’s northeastern Veneto region, where a similar vote revealed high separatist moods.

Over 2 million people in Veneto took part in the internet referendum on March 16-21, with 89 per cent of them voting in favor of cutting ties with Rome.

Despite the plebiscite having no legal power, it inspired the Sardinian Action Party (PSdAz) to organize an independence online vote in Sardinia, Nuova Sardegna website reports.

PSdAz advocates withdrawal from Italy and the cultivation of Sardinian traditions and values.

“We’ll just ask the Sardinians if they want independence,”
 said John Hills, the Sardinian Action Party’s national secretary. “Their opinion is important. We believe that this issue has become very relevant today and we want to clarify what exactly is the will of the people.”

A motion to stage an online referendum will be presented before the regional council in Sardinia on Thursday.

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