When a millennial taboo finally explodes in broad daylight Summit on Pedophilia !!!

2019 – Newspaper headlines on all continents:
“Sexual abuses in the Church: an uncertain summit after a foreseeable crisis”
“Vatican third-in-command convicted of pedophilia”
“Pedophile cardinal claims that boys fantasize about being sexually abused”
These are just 3 headlines on one of the well-hidden scandals of the Catholic Church.Read More

Mental health at risk !!!

In recent weeks in Quebec, the issue of mental health has been particularly present in the media. In a society where one has to do what they are told, where productivity sometimes takes precedence over the needs of the individual, mental health remains a taboo subject, especially for men, who are accustomed to repressing all forms of emotion which could betray what would perhaps be interpreted as a sign of weakness.Read More

Medical assistance in dying, and religions !!!

In the course of our humanity’s history, the great monotheistic religions, whose beliefs and principles are based on questionable interpretations of so-called sacred texts received at various epochs by prophets, obviously the elect of God, these religions were responsible for the worst kinds of horrors, in the name of evangelization; one of the greatest examples being the Catholic Church’s Inquisition in the Middle Ages which made millions of victims.Read More