Canadian Raelians in support of Clitoraid

In support of Clitoraid the Raelians of Canada demonstrated in front of The Embassy and Consulates of Burkina Faso

On Friday, March 7, Raelians in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver offered their support to Clitoraid, outraged of being denied a permit to operate the African hospital yet it meets all the necessary requirements.

“Most of us have given several hours of our time for years to open this wonderful hospital dedicated to repair for free the harm done to millions of women who do not have the means to regain their integrity and dignity”, said Hélène Munger, Clitoraid representative in Ottawa. “Despite the silence in response to our request to officially meet with The Ambassador, this morning the latter accepted our letter in person. Surrounded by a dozen people, The Ambassador explained that Clitoraid had to follow certain steps to get the license and that it was not in any way a religious discrimination. He added that his Government is doing everything possible to stop the excision, but he seemed not to feel at ease”.

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Women teachers told not to apply for jobs at UK Muslim school

RAEL’S COMMENT:  This is another good example of the sexism in monotheistic religions.

Principal Zahida Hussein, with some of her pupils at the Al-Furqan Muslim school in Sparkhill, Birmingham (AFP Photo)

An Islamic boy’s school in Leicester, central England, advertised for a new science teacher but ruled out any female applicants. Secular campaigners are saying this is the latest example of religious practices being accommodated in the education system.

The advert, which was published by the outsourcing company Capita and has now been withdrawn,asked for a “Male Science Teacher” to cover classes on a short-term contract earning up to £150 ($250) a day, the Telegraph reports.

The school, which did not give its name, is now facing claims of sexual discrimination. Capita withdrew the advert after a warning from the Department for Education (DfE) that it needs to comply with the Equality Act. The advert is thought to have been placed by the Madani Schools Federation, which runs the state funded Madani Boys School. The school has placed a similar advert for a Male ICT Technician.

The National Secular Society (NSS)– a charity which campaigns for the separation of religion from the state – say they were alerted to the advert by a qualified female science teacher who was looking for work in the Leicester area.

The NSS believes that this the latest in long line of demands that religious customs be accommodated in the education system, as a result of allowing faith groups to run schools.

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First symposium on genital reconstruction, in Montreal

A moving and informative event full of hope

On Sunday, February 23, around one hundred people gathered for this heartfelt appeal; an intimate conversation on a topic still taboo for some, while almost unknown for many others. The topic was FGM and was brilliantly introduced to us in all its facets, first by Habibata who shared her personal story and how she lived the atrocity of this experience in her flesh as a little girl, a story so visceral that even if words were sometimes not easy to express they did not fail to leave the audience moved to tears on several occasions.

But the excision itself is not just about the infliction of a serious injury to the body. There is also a huge cloud of obscurantism surrounding this practice that can only bedescribed as barbaric the moment we take a short step outside the confines of this tradition. Dr. Samantha Dubray followed with a tour de force presentation on human sexuality and how excision relates to it from a psychological and sexological perspective with an emphasis on how it is now possible for excised women to recover a sense of dignity and psychological stability by going through a procedure that enables them to be whole again for the first time in adulthood.

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Raelians invited to present their religion to York Region police officers

December 11, Aurora, Ontario. Abbee Corb, PhD in Criminology and Hate Crime from the city of Newmarket Hate Crime Unit, invited Raelian representatives from Toronto to participate to a workshop offered to a larger unit of 65 police officers (for a full day of training) on World religions. York Region is considered to be the most diversified region in the entire country and for the second time, the Raelian philosophy was on center stage to educate the officers about the Raelian symbol and much more.

Recently, the region experienced events that were perceived at first as hate crimes events but when these events were investigated, they found that they were rituals based on religious practices. When people immigrate to a new country, they bring along their cultural and religious practices and it made sense that those who are policing the region should know about them.
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Both Quebec and Canadian Governments should ban circumcision

MONTREAL, Oct. 14, 2013 – Rael, Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), expressed last week his support for a Council of Europe resolution that refers to male circumcision as “a violation of the physical integrity of children” and also called upon nations to reach “a consensus on the rights of children to protect them against violations of their physical integrity according to human rights standards”. In his statement, Rael also commented on the oral suction practiced by ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

“Circumcision is a genital mutilation and which does not call for any debate”, declared Marc Rivard, Raelian Bishop. “And what’s even worse is that it’s performed on babies, who can’t refuse it. Furthermore, it has been proven that circumcision damages the future sexual lives of the babies”, he added.

He also pointed out that the practice causes additional subsequent harm as the circumcised infants grow up.

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Raelian Movement opposes purchase of any fighter aircraft by Canadian government; Favors investment in peaceful research and technology as alternative

MONTREAL, Dec. 18, 2012 – The Canadian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recently announced that it will review its decision to acquire a fleet of F-35 fighter aircraft. In addition, it will look at other sources to reduce the costs of acquisition and maintenance, projected to exceed $40 billion for the lifespan of the project.

“Although the Raelian Movement welcomes the decision to postpone the purchase, this step doesn’t go far enough and it also doesn’t address the fundamental question,” said Andre Julien, spokesman for the Raelian Movement of Canada.

”Why even buy one?” Julien asked. “We don’t need any fighter aircraft. We have no real enemies for except for those we decide to create for ourselves, as we did in Afghanistan and Libya when we participated in the wars there. Therefore, the debate shouldn’t focus on which aircraft to buy and at what cost. It should focus on what peaceful technologies we should develop instead.”

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Rael: A Catholic Mohawk is a traitor to his forefathers

MONTREAL, Nov. 2, 2012 – “The beatification of the Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized by Pope Benoit XVI, is a true insult toward the Mohawk forefathers,” said Rodolf Samson, spokesperson of the Canadian Raelian Movement with the First Nations, following the beatification announcement.
“They were forced to convert [to Catholicism] by disavowing all their ancestral values and culture, destroying every facet of their way of life.”

Samson went on to explain how the injustice wrought by the Catholic Church continues today.

“Today the Mohawk people are seeing themselves sanctified by their torturers, and it’s very instructive to see that some Mohawks are even now joining the ranks of this criminal religious institution,” he said. “And they do so even though they’re aware of the terrors committed against their ancestors.”

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The Raelian Movement of Canada intensifies its support towards the autochthonous and indigenous people to return to their traditional spiritual practices

MONTREAL, Oct. 29, 2012 – “It’s been more than 15 years since the ‘Truth and reconciliation commission of Canada’ was created to the reoccurring problems of physical and sexual abuse in christian schools, and still no concrete actions have been taken” declares Rodolf Samson, spokesman for the Raelian Movement of Canada with the First Nations.

“Numerous autochthonous and indigenous school children recall having been beaten for having used their native tongue and have lost contact with their parents and culture. This inheritance of abuse and isolation was mentioned by the First Nations’ leaders as being the first cause of the epidemic of alcoholism and narcotic use that devastates natives and their reservations.”

Following the report of the Commission on February 24th, 2012, Rael, spiritual leader of International Raelian Movement, expressed his surprise with the timid proposals that were made from this Commission.

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