‘No joke’: Germany mulls using typewriters to combat US snooping

RAEL’S COMMENT:  for important secret messages, I always use normal post mail. It’s paradoxically much more secure than anything electronic. Nobody has the right to open paper mail without a warrant and they have huge difficulties knowing who is the sender if you do not put sender’s address and name anywhere. And also they cannot see through if you place inside the envelop an aluminum paper or good old carbon paper. Also seal the envelop with strong crazy glue as the regular glue on envelop is easy to open and close again without letting any trace.


Amid the worsening Berlin-Washington spy row, German politicians are considering going back to old-fashioned manual typewriters for confidential documents to protect national secrets from American NSA spooks.

Patrick Sensburg, the chair of the German parliament’s enquiry into NSA alleged spying, said committee members are considering new security measures and are seriously thinking about abandoning email and returning to old school typewriters.

“As a matter of fact, we already have [a typewriter], and it’s even a non-electronic typewriter,” he told the ARD Morning Show Monday.

The interviewer, apparently surprised by the idea, asked if that was really the case, The Guardian writes. “Yes, no joke”, responded Sensburg of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party.

The committee was set up to investigate the scope of surveillance uncovered by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who revealed that the US has been eavesdropping Germans and even bugged Merkel’s cell phone. The scandal led to a chill in relations between old allies, Berlin and Washington, with Merkel saying at the time that “monitoring of friends was unacceptable.”

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Twitter uproar over pic of ‘applauding’ Israelis watching night attacks on Gaza

RAEL’S COMMENT:  they are transforming what was a concentration camp in extermination camp.


An image of Israelis in Sderot who gathered on a hill to watch and celebrate Gaza being bombed has gone viral on Twitter. The photo posted by a Danish journalist caused uproar online.

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Allan Sørensen, the Middle Eastern correspondent for the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, said that he took the image on Wednesday in Sderot, a city about two kilometers from Gaza.

In just a few days the scandalous image has gathered about 8,500 retweets.

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Families of Slain Israeli and Palestinian Teens Turn to Each Other for Comfort

RAEL’S COMMENT:  that’s the only way to go! The only way to save humanity! Because if the stupid Jewish bible rule “eye for eye , tooth for tooth” continue to be applied we will all end up blind and teeth less.


The families of murdered Israeli teen Naftali Fraenkel and murdered Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir are drawing comfort from an unexpected source: each other.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat took to Facebook on Sunday to write about an “emotional and special telephone conversation between two families that have lost their sons.” He said that during his visit to the Fraenkel family home, he had a chance to speak to Hussein Abu Khdeir, Mohammed’s father, and express pain at the “barbaric” murder of his son.

Barkat then suggested that Abu Khdeir speak to Yishai Fraenkel, the uncle of Naftali Fraenkel who recently told the press that “the life of an Arab is equally precious to that of a Jew. Blood is blood, and murder is murder, whether that murder is Jewish or Arab.” The two men took Barkat’s advice and comforted one another by telephone.

In a separate visit organized by Rabbi Rafi Ostroff, chair of the religious council of Gush Etzion, Palestinians from the Hebron area showed up at the door of the Fraenkel family, looking to comfort the bereaved. Asked why they had come, one Palestinian said, “Things will only get better when we learn to cope with each other’s pain and stop getting angry at each other. Our task is to give strength to the family and also to take a step toward my nation’s liberation. We believe that the way to our liberation is through the hearts of Jews.”

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Largest Billboard Companies in Canada Refuse To Print Ancient Religious Symbol

MONTREAL, July 9, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – Recently, owners of the largest billboards in Canada refused the Raelians’ business, which would promote their Swastika rehabilitation campaign. Their reason: “While I can appreciate your group has a unique perspective on the Swastika, it is not until you go to your website that one gains your perspective. For many people this ad will be seen to be offensive and inflammatory. For that reason we will not post it (see the board on this link: http://www.proswastika.org/

Marc Rivard, spokesperson for this campaign explained “This is a catch 22. How can the world be re-educated about this if no one (like this billboard company) accepts to show people the truth about the swastika?! This proves that much work still needs to be done to rehabilitate this ancient religious symbol. The goal of this campaign is to return the true meaning of peace and harmony to this ancient symbol, which was regretfully hijacked by the Nazis. If we need to ban any symbol that was used to lead people into violence then we would need to ban the crucifix as well. The crusades as well as the KKK (and others) used the crucifix to promote violence and yet no one is asking for the banning of the cross.”

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Israel hits 200 Gaza sites, 8 children reported dead, Hamas fires rockets

RAEL’S COMMENT:  and nobody is moving a finger…but at the same time Ukraine gather all NATO forces… and if it was 8 Israeli children killed by Palestinian rockets all the world would condemn these  terrorists”… There was much less children killed in Kosovo and NATO intervened destroying almost all Serbia infrastructures …. western double standards at its worst.


At least eight children have been killed in the last 24 hours as Operation Protective Edge launched by Israeli forces entered its second day. The IDF claims it has hit at least 200 targets in Gaza since Tuesday.

By Wednesday evening, Israel’s offensive had killed at least 53 people and injured over 450, while also striking scores of targets, Ma’an news agency reported citing medical officials.

According to IDF, the airstrikes were necessary in order to stifle rocket fire from Gaza. Israel indicated that a ‘weeks-long’ ground invasion could be rapidly approaching, reported AP on Wednesday.

“Despite the fact it will be hard, complicated and costly, we will have to take over Gaza temporarily, for a few weeks, to cut off the strengthening of this terror army,”Israeli intelligence minister,Yuval Steinitz, told Israel Radio. “If you ask my humble opinion, a significant operation like this is approaching.'”Read More

Natural medicine is great, but chemists can make it even better

RAEL’S COMMENT: Absolutely true ! Even “natural medicine ” is chemical….and sometimes with more side effects than ” natural medicine”. And we must never forget that we have been ourselves created by chemist and biologists…


For years humans have searched for medicines in nature. While some seek “natural cures” in order to avoid chemicals, in truth everything is made up of chemistry. But as humans, we’re very good at manipulating what we find in nature – either through intention or accident.

The late American anthropologist George Armelagos showed 30 years ago that the inhabitants of ancient Nubia made their beer by fermenting grain that containedstreptomyces bacteria, which produces the antibiotic tetracycline. This in turn led to very low levels of infectious disease in the population.
But it wasn’t until the accidental discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928 and work done by Howard Florey and Ernst Chain in 1940 that led to the treatment of many wounded soldiers in World War II that the story of modern antibiotics really began.

There are many different molecules in the penicillin family – for example, Penicillin G, the substance made by Florey and Chain, contains 41 atoms. But all of them have the same core made up of two rings of atoms – mainly carbon atoms – fused together. Different molecules have different properties. One drawback of penicillin G was that it was broken up by stomach acid and could only be administered by injection.


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Chinese tycoon to feed 1,000 poor Americans in charity dinner

RAEL’S COMMENT:  beautiful…..and funny: not so long ago it was American who were feeding poor Chinese… A symbol of the American decline, and it’s only the beginning…


China’s recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao placed ads in the US media inviting one thousand poor Americans for a dinner worth $1 million in New York on June 25. The philanthropist also said that he will give out US$300 to each guest after the meal.

The billionaire placed a full-page advertisement in Monday’s New York Times and a half-page advertisement in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, the South China Post reported.

The ad in Chinese and English, designed by Chen himself, said that the event will be held on June 25 at the Loeb Boathouse Central Park in New York.

The eccentric tycoon said that he wanted to send a message to Americans that rich Chinese are “not all crazy spenders on luxury goods,” as cited by the South China Post.

“At the same time, there are many wealthy Chinese billionaires but most of them gained their wealth from market speculation and colluding with government officials while destroying the environment,” Chen said. “I can’t bear the sight of it, because all they do is splurge on luxury goods, gambling and prostitution and very few of them sincerely live up their social responsibility.”

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Over 100,000 form human chain demanding Basque independence vote

RAEL’S COMMENT: Viva the independent Basque Country ! It became part of Spain through violent military conquest like Scotland so it’s justice.


At least 100,000 people have formed a 123-kilometer-long human chain in support of a regional referendum on the Basque Country’s independence from Spain.

People began to link up at noon to form a continuous line along a road that connects the northern cities of Durango and Pamplona in the neighboring Navarra region, considered part of Basque cultural heritage.

The organizers of ‘Gure Esku Dago’ (It’s in our hands) initially said that around 50,000 people would be just enough to cover the distance of 123 km. But the turnout went beyond expectations with some reports indicating that 150,000 people eventually took part in the campaign.

Demonstrators draped in red-white-and-green Basque flags raised their linked hands as media crews flew over their heads.

Organizers of the solidarity movement say it was aimed to echo a similar demonstration last year in Catalonia where more than 1 million people formed a human chain stretching 400 kilometers.

Basque, a region of 2.2 million people, held its first elections in October 2012 after separatist group ETA ended its violent campaigns of bombings in 2011, the struggle claimed at least 850 lives from 1968-2010.

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Neuron tells stem cells to grow new neurons: First piece of new brain-repair circuit identified

RAEL’S COMMENT:  this is exactly what I have been teaching for almost 40 years in Happiness Academies!Thank you Elohim for having given to us self repairing brains! And that s only for damaged brains which is not so interesting: it s even more interesting for “normal brains” whose capacities are increased by regular meditation adding positive neurons and positive connections, in a neuroplasticity which develops the supra consciousness.


Duke researchers have found a new type of neuron in the adult brain that is capable of telling stem cells to make more new neurons. Though the experiments are in their early stages, the finding opens the tantalizing possibility that the brain may be able to repair itself from within.

 Neuroscientists have suspected for some time that the brain has some capacity to direct the manufacturing of new neurons, but it was difficult to determine where these instructions are coming from, explains Chay Kuo, M.D. Ph.D., an assistant professor of cell biology, neurobiology and pediatrics.
In a study with mice, his team found a previously unknown population of neurons within the subventricular zone (SVZ) neurogenic niche of the adult brain, adjacent to the striatum. These neurons expressed the choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) enzyme, which is required to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. With optogenetic tools that allowed the team to tune the firing frequency of these ChAT+ neurons up and down with laser light, they were able to see clear changes in neural stem cell proliferation in the brain.

The findings appeared as an advance online publication June 1 in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

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