What’s in a name? Cook Islands considers ditching colonial title

RAEL’S COMMENT: Very good and important decision! All countries which suffered colonization should change all the names coming from colonizers. Like the great Mao Zedong said, a real decolonization must start with cultural revolution.

The Cook Islands in the South Pacific are considering dropping their colonial-era name and adopting something more reflective of their Polynesian culture.

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Mental health at risk !!!

In recent weeks in Quebec, the issue of mental health has been particularly present in the media. In a society where one has to do what they are told, where productivity sometimes takes precedence over the needs of the individual, mental health remains a taboo subject, especially for men, who are accustomed to repress all forms of emotion which could betray what would perhaps be interpreted as a sign of weakness.Read More

In 1825, Haiti paid France $21 billion to preserve its independence — Time for France to pay it back

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Reparation to the slaves owners ” … Am I having a bad dream? What kind of country is that? Not only France must pay it back but should also pay at least the same amount in reparation to the slaves descendants!


The devastation wreaked on Haiti by Hurricane Matthew last fall was just the latest in a seemingly endless string of misfortunes that have befallen that country, which in March concluded a year-long interlude of caretaker governance by installing banana exporter Jovenel Moïse as its 58th president.

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