Hatred in the streets of Montreal, Canada

On March 8, about 50 raelians participated to the women’s day demonstration in Montreal.

Veronique, the leader of order of angel in Canada tells us how it went :

“We were there wearing beautiful hats that we had made as we wanted to express our femininity. It started nicely despite the cold, we were feeling solidarity with the other associations walking up the street of Ste Catherine. Suddenly, about half way, a group started to shout ” A bas les raeliens” which means something like “get off raelians”. They were people from associations claiming on their posters the respect of human rights and of women’s rights, tolerance and non-violence. A mother even left her child in a pram to come and yell at us derogatory words about our religion. After a while most of the participants were gathered around us telling us we have nothing to do there. Where were we? Was it a march for tolerance towards women? We found ourselves in the middle of a hainous crowd!.”

The Prophet Rael made the following declaration after learning about the event:

This Anti-Raelian hatred corresponds exactly to what occurred when crowds looked at, and supported with pleasure, the massacre of the first Christians in the Roman arenas. As well as with the anti-semitic acts of hatred in Nazi Germany. Nothing new!!
Nowadays, as it is politically correct to not persecute the Jews, the Blacks or Homosexuals, the only targets which remain, or the only possible scapegoats, are the religious minorities which cause a disturbance, in particular the Raelians… the thirst to hate with impunity which relies on the lowest of instincts of each human being encouraged by the evolving media is not astonishing or new. And that is not attributable to any particular media actions like the burnt crosses… Well before the crosses, when we collected food for the homeless, the reactions were the same. It is necessary to keep a panoramic vision in time.

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RAEL and three Raelians in the October Playboy!

MONTREAL, September 2004 – We are pleased to announce that an illustrated feature profiling RAEL and three beautiful and sensual Raelians will be published and announced on the cover of the October issue of the famous Playboy magazine.

Nudity and spirituality… incompatible you may say? But let us not forget that the philosophy of the Raelian is the only one that embraces sexual freedom and nudity.

The magazine is scheduled to be in the newsstands around September 15th, shortly before the Raelian monthly gathering which will take place on Sunday September 19th in Montreal, and which promises to be a very special event. Indeed, the Raelian women who posed in October Play Boy including: Shizue, personal assistant of Rael – Sophie, RAEL’s life companion for the past 13 years – and Marina, daughter of CLONAID’s CEO Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, will be on location for those who wish to have their issue autographed. In addition, they will be more than happy to tell the press about their experiences and have their photos taken with their admirers.

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