Both Quebec and Canadian Governments should ban circumcision

MONTREAL, Oct. 14, 2013 – Rael, Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), expressed last week his support for a Council of Europe resolution that refers to male circumcision as “a violation of the physical integrity of children” and also called upon nations to reach “a consensus on the rights of children to protect them against violations of their physical integrity according to human rights standards”. In his statement, Rael also commented on the oral suction practiced by ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

“Circumcision is a genital mutilation and which does not call for any debate”, declared Marc Rivard, Raelian Bishop. “And what’s even worse is that it’s performed on babies, who can’t refuse it. Furthermore, it has been proven that circumcision damages the future sexual lives of the babies”, he added.

He also pointed out that the practice causes additional subsequent harm as the circumcised infants grow up.

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Raelian Movement opposes purchase of any fighter aircraft by Canadian government; Favors investment in peaceful research and technology as alternative

MONTREAL, Dec. 18, 2012 – The Canadian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recently announced that it will review its decision to acquire a fleet of F-35 fighter aircraft. In addition, it will look at other sources to reduce the costs of acquisition and maintenance, projected to exceed $40 billion for the lifespan of the project.

“Although the Raelian Movement welcomes the decision to postpone the purchase, this step doesn’t go far enough and it also doesn’t address the fundamental question,” said Andre Julien, spokesman for the Raelian Movement of Canada.

”Why even buy one?” Julien asked. “We don’t need any fighter aircraft. We have no real enemies for except for those we decide to create for ourselves, as we did in Afghanistan and Libya when we participated in the wars there. Therefore, the debate shouldn’t focus on which aircraft to buy and at what cost. It should focus on what peaceful technologies we should develop instead.”

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Rael: A Catholic Mohawk is a traitor to his forefathers

MONTREAL, Nov. 2, 2012 – “The beatification of the Mohawk Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized by Pope Benoit XVI, is a true insult toward the Mohawk forefathers,” said Rodolf Samson, spokesperson of the Canadian Raelian Movement with the First Nations, following the beatification announcement.
“They were forced to convert [to Catholicism] by disavowing all their ancestral values and culture, destroying every facet of their way of life.”

Samson went on to explain how the injustice wrought by the Catholic Church continues today.

“Today the Mohawk people are seeing themselves sanctified by their torturers, and it’s very instructive to see that some Mohawks are even now joining the ranks of this criminal religious institution,” he said. “And they do so even though they’re aware of the terrors committed against their ancestors.”

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The Raelian Movement of Canada intensifies its support towards the autochthonous and indigenous people to return to their traditional spiritual practices

MONTREAL, Oct. 29, 2012 – “It’s been more than 15 years since the ‘Truth and reconciliation commission of Canada’ was created to the reoccurring problems of physical and sexual abuse in christian schools, and still no concrete actions have been taken” declares Rodolf Samson, spokesman for the Raelian Movement of Canada with the First Nations.

“Numerous autochthonous and indigenous school children recall having been beaten for having used their native tongue and have lost contact with their parents and culture. This inheritance of abuse and isolation was mentioned by the First Nations’ leaders as being the first cause of the epidemic of alcoholism and narcotic use that devastates natives and their reservations.”

Following the report of the Commission on February 24th, 2012, Rael, spiritual leader of International Raelian Movement, expressed his surprise with the timid proposals that were made from this Commission.

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Aramis International and its members congratulate the Court of Human Rights and the Government of Ontario

TORONTO, Oct. 22 - The Ontario government now allows transgender and transsexual people to change the gender on their birth certificate without surgery.

«Ontario is a model of respect for differences across Canada and throughout the world» says Frédérique, spokesperson of Aramis Canada, being the first province in Canada to abolish the [...]
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Raelians support Gloria Taylor’s decision to end her life

MONTREAL, Sept.15, 2012 – According to a statement released this morning by the International Raelian Movement (IRM), Raelians worldwide support the decision of Gloria Taylor to end her life through assisted suicide.

“Gloria suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative illness that science can’t yet cure,” said Marc Rivard, M.D., IRM leader for Canada. “We are one with the universe, and we were created for enjoyment and pleasure, not to suffer. Science is unraveling more and more about human beings and providing a much better understanding of the universe, of which we are a part. The time has come to update our laws!”

An August 10 ruling by the British Columbia Court of Appeal allows Taylor the right to end her life. It confirmed the exemption granted her by the trial court after her exemption was overturned in mid-June under a Canadian law prohibiting assisted suicide.*

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GoTopless celebrates its victory for equal topless rights in TORONTO’s parks and beaches!

TORONTO, Aug. 23, 2012 – The women’s topless rights organization GoTopless has finally compelled the city of Toronto to revise its municipal code which discriminated against women’s topless rights in its parks and on its beaches.

“We are thrilled with this victory!” declared Sylvie Chabot, the head of GoTopless in Canada and woman priest in the Raelian Movement ( “Thanks to the amendment to the Toronto city code, at last, women are truly free to exercise their topless rights anywhere they want in the province of Ontario!”

In June of 2011, the city of Toronto had refused to issue a permit to GoTopless for their topless event at the Ashbrigdes Bay Park because the presence of bare-breasted women at the planned event violated a Parks Bylaw 608 clause calling for ‘appropriate bathing attire’.

GoTopless had written a letter of complaint to Ms. Shakir Director, Office of Equity, Diversity & Human Rights to report this case as gender discrimination. Indeed, women’s bare chests were considered “inappropriate bathing attire” but not the men’s.

“Last week, GoTopless received a letter from Ms. Shakir, letting us know that Mr. Mark Lawson, Manager of Customer Service for the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division had been consulted regarding our last year’s denial of permit and that section 608 of the Municipal Code had been reviewed/amended” explained Chabot.

Mr. Lawson also confirmed to the National Post that the decision not to allow them to have a permit may be seen as discriminatory based on gender.

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GoTopless denounces Toronto’s discrimination of Ontario provincial law protecting women’s topless rights

TORONTO, Aug 13th, 2012 – As GoTopless organizes its 5th year of protests worldwide for women’s equal topless rights, many women will gather in the streets of Toronto to expose the city’s discrimination of women’s topless rights established in 1996.

Last year, the Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department has refused to issue the local chapter of GoTopless a permit for their rally on the grounds that the topless women participating in the event would violate the “proper attire”, code that it is still in effect this year.

Sylvie Chabot a Raelian woman priest, head of GoTopless in Canada reacted by saying: “The rule is in pure contradiction with the provincial ruling of 1996 that officially granted women the right to go topless in the province of Ontario.” (ref: Gwen Jacob was acquitted on December 9, 1996 by the Ontario Court of Appeal, )

“If ‘proper attire’ means that women have to hide their chest in Toronto’s public parks and beaches, then men must be forced to do the same on the basis of gender equality!” Chabot added, referring to the very constitutional argument Maitreya Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, made as he founded GoTopless in 2007.

“All or none, Toronto!” exclaimed Chabot and added that the men participating in the rally would be wearing a bikini top to support gender topless equality in the current discriminatory legal climate.

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