This is also my opinion as a doctor of Immunology and Virology.Instead of listening to politicians whose interest is purely financial, it seems more logical to me to listen to experts in the field. Protecting those at risk is CRUCIAL, but allowing those who can strengthen their immune system to do so is just as important to fight a virus!

What is also important is to have the infrastructure and the means to care for people who will get sick. If the money that is spent on killing people (military budget) was dedicated to the well-being of every man and woman on this planet, there would be no shortage of masks, gowns, artificial respirators or other items in any country of the world. There would be beds to accommodate every patient, there would be the means to provide them with proper treatment and the research would go extremely fast in finding out how to save even more lives rather than learning how to kill them with weapons.

I hope that our politicians will listen to the experts and I hope that a change towards a world government will soon happen to allow human beings to be at the centre of political interests rather than money and capitalism.

Nathalie “Melove” Bibens,
Doctor in immunology and virology and Guide to the Canadian Raelian Movement.