For many moons, we said only God can create life. This is what we were taught in grade school to have us believe in the superiority of the spirit over matter, in the virtues of the soul which lives on after death.

Jean Renaud, Columnist

So, these conservative advocates, who are attached to the sacred values of spirituality, are raising the specter of the danger awaiting test tube manipulators who are playing on God’s turf, who think that machines and sophisticated computers have all the powers. Yet, today in 2019, artificial intelligence is henceforth a hot topic for TV commercials. That a news anchor in China could be a sophisticated human-like electronic component no longer seems to surprise anyone. In the United States, some young lawyers can’t find work. This is because IBM’s Watson computer can give legal advice in seconds, for more-or-less complicated cases, this with 90% accuracy compared to 70% for humans. In 2010, an American geneticist created the first synthetic living cell, paving the way for the manufacture of artificial organisms, and the day isn’t so far away when robots will be 100% biological.

1979! In the Neanderthal era of technology, when sticky postage stamps were still offering themselves to caress the tongues of paper-letter senders, at the time when rotary dial phones still existed, Rael was fulfilling his prophetic mission by speaking of the computer, which would replace humans in every realm of society without exception. He was totally demystifying every form of life by asserting that man was nothing more than a self-programmable biological computer. Only the development of consciousness, through the practice of meditation, and intimately linked to pacifism, would be able to save our humanity, by keeping science and technological advancement at its service rather than being dominated by them. Some faultfinders, obsessed with the emergence of a new religion, might claim that an illuminated crackpot was inspired by a few science fiction books to devise his scam. Better still, was he already aware of the hidden projects ran by NASA, which was foreseeing the revolution these new technologies would bring? What a joke when you think about it!

Rael was thus publishing his book, to make humans aware that they were all children of Elohim, the very people who created all life on earth. For those who are still flirting with magical thoughts and still believe in the privilege of a God to create life, this revelation would soon shatter centuries of obscurantism through its relentless logic. All one had to do was to follow the trail of these beings from elsewhere in the course of history, our true history stripped of unintelligible mysticism. Of all these teachings engraved in obsolete books, it was necessary to extract the rare gem hidden somewhere in the libraries’ silent hallways. This is the starting point of a new life, that of a rebirth. Not that of a renaissance imbued with theological absurdities, but one in which one ceases to believe in order to understand. To stop saying I understand what I mean, at least. Preferably, to understand who we really are, without mysticism, to head for the path of universal love. No need for a God to achieve it.

Jean Renaud
Raelian Church Columnist