Discordant voices

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A little more than a year ago, a virulent virus appeared on the planet, and the alert triggered by the WHO left no doubt that a global pandemic was sweeping over humanity, which would have to take exceptional and unprecedented measures to deal with it. Confinement, restriction of freedom, compulsory wearing of masks, and now a massive vaccination campaign accompanied by a media campaign to order the brave citizens to fulfill their civic duty: to be vaccinated in order to protect the other.

Given the urgency of the situation here in the province of Quebec, the 125 elected members of the National Assembly are lining up behind the elected CAQ government, and dissenting voices are not welcome. The questions raised concern “how to apply the health measures”, not the questioning of these measures. The medical profession, the media, same standard discourse. Insidiously, little by little, the hard-won rights and freedoms of citizens are melting away like snow in the sun.

A journalist worthy of the name should, in the name of his profession and journalistic ethics, be a pain in the ass, play devil’s advocate, ask the question that creates discomfort, but that advances the debate, and especially the truth. But who cares about the truth in the official media? Surely not Yves Boisvert, with this article published in the Presse+, and having this title how evocative: “It will be necessary to ‘discriminate'”! This title alone sums up the corrupt position of the official media. To force vaccination, or not? Yves Boisvert writes on this subject: “Our laws guarantee the inviolability of the person and the right to refuse treatment. You cannot be vaccinated by force.” (1) It could not be clearer! But now, as it has been the case throughout this crisis, we are going to betray the laws that are supposed to protect the individual in the name of “the interest of the many”: “We have charters to prevent discrimination. But discrimination, when done on rational grounds, is sometimes justified, even necessary, in the public interest.”

Here we are: “on rational grounds”, all abuses of power can be justified. Already in August 2020, Maitreya Rael warned: “For those who think that putting on a mask to go to the bathroom is not the end of the world… When we accept the loss of one small freedom, we open the door to the loss of ALL freedoms.” (2) Almost a year later, the events give 100% reason to Rael, the wearing of the mask brings us to the doors of a massive and quasi obligatory vaccination, for a virus, by the way, not very deadly, since the epidemic of the COVID-19 is considered to be the 8th or 9th in importance in the history of the humanity.

And then, to come back to the idea of “rationalized” discrimination so dear to Yves Boisvert, always in the “general interest”, we have here the most beautiful demonstration of intellectual dishonesty on the part of a journalist: he talks about vaccination, but it is indeed an experimental treatment that we are talking about! Just read the documentation from Pfizer and other creators of this biomedical technology, the experimentation period is extended until 2023! Were the “guinea pigs” asked to sign papers, as required, informing them that they were participating in a medical study, involving a list of potential side effects? But where is our brilliant journalist who should be denouncing, in the “general interest”, this manoeuvre by our governments who don’t give a damn about the protocol attached to any form of testing on the population? And what about free and informed consent, Mr. Journalist?

That the CAQ government has invested $13 million a month in an aggressive propaganda campaign is no accident. And, as we now know, massive vaccination was on the agenda, and nothing could derail this plan, which brings in a huge amount of money for the pharmaceutical industry. All discordant voices have been silenced.

All of them? The game is far from being played; the people behind the discordant voices are organizing themselves into a resistance that dreams of another world, a world that is more equitable and more human: “Paradism is the essential key to the future of humanity. And it is possible right now. If the whole world revolts at the same time, it can be done in a few weeks; and not in a few years… just a few weeks!” (3)

Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement

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