Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers

In the book, “Intelligent Design”, Rael presents us with a third option: all life on earth was created by advanced scientists from another world.


Words of Maitreya – 42 years of awakening from A to Z

A summary of the teachings of Rael Maitreya, sometreasures of wisdom revealing the human being’s true nature and its immensepotential of accomplishment.

Sensual Meditation

Sensual Meditation is the “instruction manual” given to us by those who created us, and who are in the best position to know how the brain works, to teach us how to master the harmonizing possibilities within our brain.

Geniocracy: Government of the people, for the people, by the Geniuses

“Geniocracy,” the first book published in English of all of Rael’s publications, gives this new generation a clear solutions to all the scourges that afflict us such as war, hunger, and poverty, and the exploitation of geniuses under our mediocratic system supported by the military. These solutions can be applied throughout the world.

The Maitreya: Extracts from his Teachings

Rael, the announced “Maitreya from the West,” shares his teachings and insights in this wonderful book of excerpts taken from the many Raelian teaching seminars he has taught over the past 30 years.

Yes to human cloning

The mythical heaven that religions have, throughout our history, promised us will soon become a reality on earth, thanks to new cloning technologies, which are the first steps toward immortality. This is Rael’s groundbreaking conclusion and challenge for us in this insightful and comprehensive foresight of how science will soon revolutionize every aspect of our lives.

Manga of the Raelian Message

Through this Manga, discover the theory of Intelligent Design and the keys that can help us achieve world peace and experience paradise on earth.

The 7 Meditations

A few years ago, Maitreya treated us to a wonderful gift: a series of 7 Meditations.

Meditation is usually practiced with neutral music in the background, but in this case, Raelian composer, Daniel Héroux, not only created a background music for all meditations, but he literally composed a piece of music by adjusting sounds and melodies on contemporary orchestral colors to accompany each sentence of every meditation. Therefore, in addition to being guided by Marcus Wenner’s voice, you will also live a wonderful audio experience for this unique journey where both music and words will take you. Throughout this journey, we literally feel transported by love: love for life, love for humanity, love for the Creation, love for the Elohim, an infinite love…

We hope, deeply in our heart, that you will feel this love as we felt it ourselves.

Voice: Marcus Wenner 

Music: Daniel Héroux