“Will this pandemic give birth to a monster or a paradise?”, asked the writer Michel Leclerc(1).The question is whether we see it as a temporary interlude or an opportunity for renewal.

For Michel Houellebecq(2), the world will be the same “or somewhat worse” because the pandemic will have accelerated “the decrease of human contact“.

On the other hand, many say no to a “return to normality(3). The collective of 200 artists and scientists argue that a crisis has the virtue of causing us to face the consumerism that led us to deny life itself. Aurélien Barrau, an astrophysicist, goes further by saying “that the ravenous activities becomes suicidal, the current state of the planet is madness(4).

The need for change is no longer to be questioned. As ordinary citizens busy with our daily lives, we are overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. A sense of helplessness that intensifies when we realize that our leaders are deaf to our grievances and for our most legitimate demands. A feeling of helplessness accentuated when, for influential people, it is only a matter of changing the objectives(5) of the current economic and financial model. This will maintain the greed of the oligarchy and its subordinates.

Change the world, we have hope for it, but do we have the courage?”(6) To change OUR world, it requires more than courage, new goals or an “anti-this or anti-that”. It requires having a dream that will have the power to mobilize us, emboldening our “will” to live in harmony, to be happy. It demands a becoming. The change to be meaningful as to be directed towards “what should be” and not towards what is or was.

“A dreamer makes others dream… ” – Rael (7) 

I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. A “dream… olution” takes place with a vision leading to a new spirit, appealing to our creativity instead of deluding ourselves to make new with the old.

Without vision(8), disorder is assured: conflict, friction of power, division and distrust are its fruits. A lack of vision is an admission of corruption and weakness in leadership.

Capitalism and other known “isms” fail to generate a “living together” that promotes harmony with the Living and that support the person in his/her desire to be happy. Only a political(9) orientation concerned with the future of humanity can do so. This orientation is called Humanitarianism(10), the foundation of which is “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights…(11).

Let us embody this vision even in small actions. “When you dedicate yourself to something bigger than yourself, you become happier, because you realize that you are helping humanity, that you are useful to humanity, and this changes everything…(12) – Rael

Let us get out from our sense of helplessness by educating ourselves, transforming our minds, to act as leaders, even more as dreamers. We can fulfill a great dream because we are creative beings. Inspired by Humanitarianism, action by action, step by step, let us create our paradise on earth for all!

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Rachel Bluteau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement
July 2020



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