Under this headline, an article (in French) on the Internet tells us: “South Korean researchers are currently working on a 3D printer capable of printing food precisely targeting our nutritional needs. This machine, if it is created, will have many benefits.

The first benefit, they say, is a reduction in food waste, transportation and storage costs. Let us try to see further and understand the importance of this wonderful breakthrough.

In 1988, in his book “Yes to Human Cloning”, Rael already explained: “Nano-technology can solve all our problems, such as those of lodging and food.” *

In 2017, 3D printers are capable of erecting buildings.

So, eating food designed by robots working at the molecular level?  Yes, it’s for right now.

In this book, 30 years ago, Rael went even further by suggesting imagining each apartment to be equipped with such a printer capable of instantly making the food of our choice. “If we want some chicken, all we would have to do is introduce the chemicals making up chicken meat into another machine, and we would get delicious and perfect quality chicken meat. In addition, it would be the exact composition of the best corn-fed chicken without additives, hormones, or pesticides.” **

With the emergence of the 3D printer for food, the entire socio-economic structure of our planet will change.

At the moment, to fight hunger in the world, we are being told about sustainable development, aid to humanitarian organizations and political action. What are the results?  Can we say that they are effective when every 5 seconds a child dies of malnutrition on Earth?

Worse, “More than 20 million people are at risk of starving to death in the next six months,” warns Arif Husain, chief economist of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP).

Will famines be used to regulate demography?

Put at the service of humanity, the 3D printer for food will allow our planet to survive the food crisis and alleviate immense environmental problems due to overproduction and transportation.

We can assume that the entire food production chain, from agriculture to the agro-food industry, will be eliminated.

 No more food will be reserved for the rich!

* Yes to Human Cloning, page 72
** Ibid., page 70



Lyliane Jolly
Columnist for the Raelian Movement