We offer a variety of educational approaches to give teachers and/or students answers to their questions about our philosophy and/or our many social and humanitarian actions.

Every year, we are invited by several teachers to give presentations in their classrooms, or they offer their students to attend some of our activities in order to help them achieve their assignments in classes of philosophy, religion, sociology, etc. We offer you the opportunity to discover the foundations of our philosophy, and several social and humanitarian actions in which we are involved. Several options are available: classroom lecture, videoconference or meeting with students, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can find the option that will best suit your pedagogic needs.


Our humanitarian commitment

The Raelian philosophy promotes universal values adapted to our time, embracing science as its religion, in order to allow human beings to live happily, be creative and blossom. Here are six causes we could present to your students: – One minute for Peace: meditation campaign

“What we think, what we say and what we feel influence everything on Earth. By sending waves of peace and love, with this powerful transmitter that is our brain, we have the power to pacify the planet.”Maitreya Rael – A world without work or money

Thanks to science and technology, placed at the service of the betterment of humanity, Paradism will free human beings from the slavery of work, money and power. Therefore, Paradism is a new political and economic system that will make this planet a true paradise. – Aid to the victims of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

Clitoraid has already given many women, victims of excision, the opportunity to benefit from a surgery in order to restore their clitoris and help them to regain their sense of dignity. – For a civilized and non-militarized peaceful world

No More Armies is a project working towards the elimination of armies, which essentially foment violence and human suffering, in addition to jeopardizing the very survival of humanity. – The right to be Topless for All!

GoTopless is an international organization, including men and women, that advocates women’s equal right to be bare-breasted in public places wherever men are allowed to do so. – Right to Risk

The Raelian Movement advocates individual rights, human rights, free will and freedom of expression. Therefore, it advocates the right to choose every aspect of our lives, including the right to receive or refuse any medication or medical care, the right to die if we choose to, and the right to risk our very own life.

Therefore, we proposes the following amendment to article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty, security of person and RISK!

Better die free than live without freedom- Rael – Rehabilitation of the swastika

Contrary to popular belief, the swastika is a spiritual and peaceful symbol. It is found in almost every major religion and civilization on Earth. Proswastika aims to restore the original and true meaning of this symbol.

SexEd Day – Childhood Sexual Education

In 2009, UNESCO published a scientific report containing international guidelines for sexual education from the age of 5, including the concepts of masturbation, the importance of interpersonal relationships, the relationship to pleasure, diversity, health and sexual reproduction.

Unfortunately, this report was censored as a result of religious pressure, which in particular made the importance of masturbation disappear.

The aim of the SexEd Day Raelian Campaign is therefore to support and encourage UNESCO to keep the report in its entirety, and to remind politicians, teachers or parents that sexual education is a necessity for the healthy development of children, with the aim of creating a respectful, free and guilt free world. – Back To Kama

Back to Kama (BTK) is a voluntary immigration campaign that encourages educated and wealthy people of all races and religions, descendants or not of slaves, to voluntarily transfer to Kama their knowledge, businesses and wealth legitimately accumulated in “America” or on other continents.

This campaign could not only solve the economic crisis faced by most of the nations of Kama, but would also provide redress for slavery and colonization that have still not been recognized as crimes against humanity.

Kama is the original name of Africa, used by the indigenous people.

First Nations Fraternity – First Nations Fraternity

Fraternity First Nations is a Raelian committee that supports the First Nations peoples in their efforts to reconcile and “live together”. The Raelian philosophy advocates the restitution of land, the resurrection of customs, religions, indigenous languages and the federation into a united continent that incorporates all original and immigrant populations into harmony and social justice.

The Raelian Movement, its origin & mission

The Raelian Movement is an atheist religion whose goal is to spread around the world the Message about the genesis of life on Earth given to Rael. This message explains how the Elohim scientifically created all life on Earth, including human beings, thanks to their perfect mastery of DNA. Elohim is the original and plural Hebrew word from the Bible that means, “those who came from the sky,” but was mistranslated to “God,”

The Elohim, extraterrestrial humans, asked Rael to spread this revolutionary information, with the ultimate goal of building an Embassy to welcome them. If humanity is ready to meet them, they will return bringing with them all the past Prophets of our history, including Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Muhammad who are kept alive scientifically. This is the mission of the Raelian Movement.

Qualified speakers at your service

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