The 60 richest people on Earth are now secretly building an underground complex which can withstand any nuclear, chemical or biological world war or any world revolution. This complex will have room for the 60 richest people and their families for a total of 480 people, 240 top scientists especially geneticists and agronomists, 60 medics representing all specialties, 120 military commandos in order to keep order and protect the complex from any force trying to enter it, with batteries of remotely controlled missiles and drones, and 60 of the most beautiful young women in order to repopulate the earth after the cataclysm will end and the atmosphere will be clean again.

The total population will be around 1,440 people with all the required infrastructure able to feed this population indefinitely using the latest technologies developed by NASA to create moon or mars first colonies in the future.

The location is of course top secret and even the people who will be accepted in this complex will never know the precise location until they have safely arrived in it. There is a strong suspicion that it may be hiding behind, connected to or close to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault financed by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family, Monsanto and others…

It’s a top priority for peace lovers to find and destroy such a place in order to remove any escape place for these 60 people who are the 0.0000001% who own the planet and want it for themselves after financing a world war which will destroy all of Humanity. If they have no place to escape, then they will stop financing the next Nuclear World War.