april, 2024

E.T. Embassy Day Campaign

mon08apr1:00 PME.T. Embassy Day Campaign1:00 PM PLace d'Youville

Event Details

This campaign is the Raelians’ great project, to build an embassy to officially and peacefully welcome our creators the Elohim.


As Raelians, our desire to welcome them is unquestionable. This dream is nourished by the deep love we feel for the Elohim, our creators. They have scientifically created every form of life on Earth, from the tiniest amoeba or bacterium, to the most gigantic plant or animal, each more extraordinary than the last, and finally created man in their image and likeness. Raelians feel a sincere love for the Elohim, and are grateful to them for being alive. Like a child’s love for its parents. What an extraordinary privilege to be able to feel everything around us, to see a sunset, to caress the warm sand, to hear the melodious song of a bird, to taste tasty fruit, to burst out laughing, to vibrate with happiness, and above all to love, give, and share… Our lives are the most precious of gifts, and the Elohim have given them to us.

So YES, all Raelians dream of being able to welcome them and build this embassy!

But beyond this purely selfish desire, Raelians also have a profound desire to help humankind. Not only do the Elohim ask our permission to come and meet us in an embassy, they also offer to share some of their knowledge with us… Imagine, 25,000 years of technological advance and wisdom! Thanks to them, we could have the knowledge we need to repair much of our damage (pollution, deforestation, loss of natural diversity, overpopulation…), and save a great many lives (disease, famine, handicaps…).

In short, building the Embassy to welcome extraterrestrials (Elohim) is also a gesture of humility that concerns every human being on this planet.

So, if you too feel moved by THE MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT OF ALL TIME FOR ALL HUMANITY, we invite you to visit ETembassy.org.

DATE : Saturday, April 6 (if it rains, activity is postponed to Monday, April 8)

TIME : 13 h

LOCATION : Place Youville, under the big clock (see map


(Monday) 1:00 PM EDT


PLace d'Youville