december, 2023

Vancouver – 50th Anniversary of the First Encounter

wed13dec2:00 PMVancouver – 50th Anniversary of the First Encounter2:00 PM

Event Details

On December 13, 2023 (78 after Hiroshima), we will celebrate with joy, and in a very unique way, the fiftieth anniversary of the first and extraordinary encounter between Rael and the Elohim.

Since that historic day of December 13, 1973, Maitreya Rael has been tirelessly diffusing the Message of Love and Peace that he received from these men from another planet who created all life on Earth 25,000 years ago, including the human being THEY made in their own image.

This fantastic revelation is a vibrant and final call to the wisdom of mankind to unite in peace under the benevolent eyes of their finally demystified Creators.

Rael, the announced Messiah, is still living among us in these times of great change, characteristic of all messianic eras. With infinite gratitude, we will express all our love for him in a celebration that reflects his wonderful teachings on Happiness, Love, Peace, and Truth.


This commemoration, celebrated on all five continents, will enable humans who so wish, through the transmission of their cellular plan, to solemnly recognize the Elohim as the scientific Creators of humanity and Maitreya Rael as their Last Messenger on Earth.

With all our love,
The National Raelian Celebration Team


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(Wednesday) 2:00 PM EST