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 Origin of the article: Answer to Daniel Tadros on alternative information link site

In my opinion, relying on the theory of evolution distorts our thinking about how we observe the life around us and of which we are a part. This theory is refuted by more than half of the scientific community. Darwin’s observations were legitimate in his time, but today’s science leads us to completely different conclusions.

Evolution does not exist for the simple reason that the genetic code cannot change by itself, regardless of environmental influences. For example, a lion will never become a vegetarian, because it was genetically created to be carnivorous, just as the dandelion will never become a carnivorous plant, etc. Genetics is the programming of matter that makes up all living things, whether plant or animal. The genetic code is a plan of organization of matter that will give either a lion or a dandelion and nothing will change what they are unless one intervenes scientifically to modify the genetic code of one or the other. If we descended from the monkey, the monkey would no longer exist today. Man and monkey are two different creations. Randomness does not exist. Randomness is a myth.

The human brain, unlike the brain of other living beings, was created to be self-programmable, meaning that humans can change their behavior themselves. Because of the morphology of our body, it can manipulate the matter it finds in its environment thanks to the skill and dexterity provided by our hands and fingers. Since man was created on earth, the mastery of his environment has led him over the centuries to increase his knowledge through experimentation and observation. Examples: the simple discovery of the principle of the wheel has led to the development of an incredible number of functions up to the present day. The same goes for the discoveries of the properties of plants that have led to current pharmacology, etc. And the same goes for the hunting weapons we used to feed ourselves, such as the spear, bow and arrows – later, unfortunately, used in warfare – which led to cannons and nuclear missiles.

All of this is determined by the consciousness that we decide whether or not to use, that consciousness that determines how we interact with our fellow human beings and with the wonderful living beings that compose nature. Because the greatest expression of human intelligence is the love that each person DECIDES at every moment to have for the living beings that wee encounters, and in particular our fellow human beings. And we will soon see if this level of love and collective consciousness is high enough to allow us to get through the period we are currently living where humanity can destroy itself at any moment.

The development of our current knowledge in genetics leads us today to consider creating life elsewhere. The creation of life on other planets is indeed the inescapable path of all humanity in the universe that succeeds in its wisdom to go beyond the technological level that can destroy it if it remains too aggressive. Once this step is taken, this humanity can access the technological level of civilizations that have managed to leave their solar system to travel in space and create life on other planets.

This is more than anything else desired by the civilization that created mankind scientifically and that observes us. Our scientific creators have constantly sought to help us without intervening directly in our development, in the same way that we let a child grow through trial and error. We find traces and evidence of their benevolence towards us throughout human history, in addition to the more and more frequent appearances of crafts in the sky, the most recent and most significant traces that we can observe being the Crop-Circles.

Here is one of the most recent, which appeared in June 2020, and which has attracted the attention of geneticists:

The Covid-19 Crop Circle eBook: Kroth, Jerry :

This is an irrefutable example of this benevolence. The collective understanding that we have been created scientifically will inevitably become self-evident. We will then begin to wish for the official coming to earth of this civilization – and THEY will come, because that is what THEY wish. Human egoism, the ego, will disappear and true human spirituality will emerge, because we are ONE. Our creators fervently wish that we could reach this era of love, peace and tranquility where NO human being will be left behind, thanks to the science that will totally serve the well-being of humanity through the definitive elimination of work and money.

Thank you Mr. Tadros for reading me, and thank you for all that you do,



Martin Hétu,
In charge of Communications for the Canadian Raelian Movement