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The Messages of the Elohim

Who Created the Elohim?

With their 25,000 years of scientific advance on us, the Elohim explained they were able to scientifically prove that the universe is infinite, which means it has no center, no beginning, and no end. This also means that there can be no almighty God sitting somewhere and controlling every particle of the universe, nor could there have been a Big Bang that explains how it all began.

The Elohim tell us that they were created by a more advanced race of humans who were created by a more advanced race of humans, and this goes on and on ad infinitum.

In our limited view and understanding of the universe, we are born one day and then we die one day, so we assume that everything around us is finite. But in an infinite universe, there is neither beginning nor end and the cycle of life’s creation is infinite.

One day, our scientists are bound to eventually travel to another planet to create all forms of life including humans, and when that happens, we will be adding another link to the long chain of life’s creations.

Why do they need an Embassy?

The Elohim are not invaders. They have shown their desire to come, but they respect our choice to say no. It is up to us to invite them, and our invitation is the Embassy. It’s the least we can do.

Without the neutrality of an Embassy, free air space and an official welcome, an unannounced and undesired landing would have enormous political, economic and social repercussions with disastrous consequences worldwide.  Equally important is that they do not endorse any government, religion or ideology other than that of the Raelian Philosophy, and this is why they will not contact any other institution first. Thus they will only come when we build their Embassy.  This is how much they love and respect us.

Why don’t they just show themselves up in broad daylight so this can serve as evidence to support Rael’s claims?

It’s worth repeating that they are not invaders and this means that they respect our choice to say ‘no’.  An unannounced landing could have catastrophic consequences to the human psyche and would create a worldwide mayhem.

In addition, the Raelian Movement is not here to prove anything to anyone or convince anyone of anything. The RM’s goal is two fold: Inform the public about the Message that Rael received, and build an Embassy, preferably in Jerusalem, to welcome them officially on Earth.  It’s up to each individual to read Rael’s book and make up his or her own opinion.  This extraordinary message of the Elohim has nothing to do with the supernatural, the mystical, or the divine, and is 100% pro-science.  Moreover, it is based on understanding and reason, not belief or faith.

How can Raelians believe in what one man is saying?

Firstly, no one believes in Rael, but understands the message he brings.  It’s worth noting that belief and understanding are two separate worlds; primitive and superstitious people used to believe that the earth was flat, but today we understand that it’s round, thanks to science.

We encourage people to do their own research and not take anyone’s word for it.  Then they can read Rael’s book Intelligent Design and make their own decision.


Everything that is said in Rael’s books is confirmed and backed up by all the ancient religious writings, legends, traditions, as well as modern science.  Evidence for traces of contacts between humanity and beings from another planet can be found throughout history, on all continents. And if you look at all the scientific developments in our society nowadays, all this was announced by Rael 32 years ago.

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The Raelian Movement

Does Rael receive a salary from the Raelian movement ?

No. The Raelian Movement is a non-profit organization and every member donates his or her time on a volunteer basis. For members who wish to make personal monetary donations to Rael, they can do so via the Raelian Foundation so that Rael can devote his life fully to his mission.  Members may make donations to this Foundation if they wish, but it is not mandatory.

You accept donations, where does the money go?

As our society is still based on a money system, the Raelian Movement too depends on donations to fund its activities throughout the world.

Donations made to the Raelian Movement are used for our two main goals:

  1. To inform everyone about the Messages given to Rael by the Elohim (print flyers, posters, billboard ads, lectures, happiness academies, paying for the hosting of this website etc.)
  2. To build an embassy to officially welcome the Elohim
What differentiates a Raelian from someone who believes in God?

Raelians are atheists, which means that they deny the existence of God or   any divinity.  But this does not mean that they deny the existence of Creators (we emphasize the plurality of the word.)

Raelians view the Creators as human beings, like us, who came to earth from a distant planet a very long time ago to scientifically create all life including humans “in their image” using DNA and genetic engineering.

Raelians also believe that these extraterrestrial scientists are referred to ‘Elohim’ in the original Hebrew Bible – a word that means “those who came from the sky.”

The Raelian Movement is the only religious organization that is 100% pro-science, and has nothing to do with mystical beliefs or the supernatural.  To this end, Raelians understand through logic and reason rather than blind faith.  Scientific creationism and Intelligent Design go hand in hand and the Raelian Movement embraces both.

Do Raelians consider Raelianism as a religion?

Etymologically, Yes we do.  The word ‘religion’ has been so misused and abused throughout the Ages and therein lies the problem.  Many people define the word ‘religion’ as meaning belief in a deity, but in reality it comes from the Latin word ‘religare,’ which means ‘to create a link.’  A link between people, between Heaven and Earth, between us and the infinite… anything that is meant to connect.  So if we define religion this way, then yes, Raelism is a religion.  Moreover, our religion is Science.

It’s also important to understand that while Raelians do not believe in ‘god’, we still recognize all the great Prophets of Old such as Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, The Buddha, etc… who were all Messengers sent by our Creators, the Elohim, at different times throughout our history to guide humanity along the path of wisdom. When humanity is ready to welcome them with the love and respect they deserve, all the prophets will return in the company of the Elohim to the embassy we will have built.

How has this Philosophy changed or benefited your life?

This is such an important question and I am very happy to share with you my 21 year journey since the first time I read Rael’s book “Intelligent Design”. I can sum it all up with one word: “HAPPINESS”. I never thought that I could experience a life full of joy and pure happiness. Once I understood that that there was not an “omnipotent God” a being with whom I would never be worthy, but a race of people like me who were responsible for creating all life, my life changed. Each day has been a journey of discovery. Discovering the most important person, ME.

All of my life was an accumulation of following rules, of the church, my family, school, and society. I was very good at obeying all of these rules, but I was not fulfilled inside. There was a battle going on and this conflict was destroying the innocence of my life. Now I can honestly say that I no longer live in fear or quilt. My life is my own and I am responsible for every action and decision I make. There is not a God or a devil I can blame things on. Only myself. I now understand that no one can take away my happiness without my permission. I have learned by attending the many seminars taught by Rael worldwide, that I am the captain of the ship and not only the captain but I am the ship and the water beneath. I create my life each and every day. And the most important part is I have learned that by giving love enhances my life and the lives that I encounter. This philosophy has given me the most important treasure, and that treasure is my life. Life is a journey for all of us. How do you want to experience yours?

Do you have meetings ? Can I attend ?

Yes, everyone is welcome to attend our informal Raelian gatherings. To find meetings in your area, please choose a ‘Event Calendar’ under menu.

I read in the media that you organize orgies. Is it true?

No.  Raelians do not organize orgies.  The media is very good at seeking sensationalism and is rarely interested in the truth.  The media will write/say almost anything to sell their stories.  All too often, religious minorities become the target of choice for media who enjoy spreading rumors.

Is the Raelian Movement a cult?

It depends on how one defines the word.  Raelians do not worship the Elohim, which means that by this very statement we are not a cult.  If cult is defined as blindly following a guru and losing one’s freedom, then we are not a cult either because every aspect of Maiteya Rael’s teachings encourages freedom and to never do something that goes against our conscience.

Rael encourages every member to be non-conformists, to be as different from one another as possible and to never lose your identity when in a group.

What’s with the Swastika?

The Swastika predates Hitler by thousands of years. It was used as a symbol of good fortune before Hitler hijacked it. Embedded in the Star of David, it’s the oldest symbol known to Mankind and is the symbol of the Elohim, our Creators. It represents infinity in time (Swastika) and space (Star of David).

With their 25,000 years of scientific advance on us, the Elohim were able to scientifically prove that the universe was infinite in time—as represented by the Swastika where time is inversely proportional to mass—and space (macro- and microcosm)—as represented by the Star of David with both triangles pointing in opposite directions (as above, so below).

Learn the truth about this ‘good luck’ symbol at ProSwastika.org.


What is the Raelian view on Pedophilia?

Even if we are in favor of sexual freedom between consenting adults, if you are a pedophile you are definitely not welcome in the Raelian Movement. Not only because our position of condemning it as a mental disease is very clear, but also because, contrary to the way the Catholic church has been handling all its pedophile cases by hiding their pedophile priests (see nopedo.org) and moving them around from parish to parish so they can make more victims of their disgusting behavior, the Raelian movement has a strict policy of immediately expelling any member suspected of pedophilia or sex with minors AND ALSO immediately report them to the police.

Some have been attracted to our philosophy after reading defamatory articles in French speaking newspapers and magazines, stating that our philosophy was in favor of sexual freedom, which would then suggest we are in favor of pedophilia. The reality is very different. When individuals have a fulfilled sexual life, they don’t even think of imposing their sexuality on children, the way Catholic priests do due to a very restricted and suppressed sex life.

It is very clear in the Raelian Philosophy that pedophilia is a sign of mental disease and will never be tolerated within the organization. Any member, whatever his rank, who would be found guilty of such a behavior will be expelled and reported to the authorities.

How can I join?

Each year, there are four opportunities to become an official member by way of a demystified baptism ceremony. The four dates are official Raelian holidays: the first Sunday of April, August 6th, October 7th,and December 13th. The baptism ceremony takes place at 3pm local time worldwide.

Active members are Raelians contributing to the organization’s goals in helping to transform the world to prepare for the most important event in humanity’s history – the return of the Elohim at the Embassy Raelians want to build.

For more information on how to become a Raelian and/or an active member of the Raelian Movement, please contact us at info(at)raelcanada.org

Who are the Honorary Guides and what does it mean?

The Raelian Movement counts more than 50 Honorary Guides – these are men and women who are not members but who, like Raelians, dedicate their lives to changing the world by reducing violence, denouncing injustice and government manipulations, eliminating god-related taboos and promoting Human Rights. A complete list of Honorary Guides can be found here.