Fear, object of responsibilization – Part 2
(following of Fear, object of infantilization! – Part 1)


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Translation: Régine Paradis

You are not responsible for the program you received as a child. However, as an adult, you are 100% responsible for keeping it up to date.” – Author unknown

Who doesn’t know Milgram’s experiment?1 Even after 50 years, the renewed experience2 showed the same results. What did this experiment reveal? Milgram observed at least two things: 1) the consequence to the submission to the authority is the disempowerment of the individual; 2) few people have the inner resources to resist authority.

As Jean-François Brient said3, “… it is fear that makes us slaves and keeps us in that condition.” The fear of what? “… in order to disobey, one must lose the infantile fear of not being loved, that is, abandoned.” – Alejandro Jodorowsky4 … including other fears5.

Is there only the option to disobey? Or rather to recognize that we are beings who make choices, make decisions, and should take responsibility for them. “Don’t seek any excuse when some such thing happens to us. Whatever event affects us, we are always responsible for what happens to us.” – Rael6

However, the part that is most difficult to recognize is that of taking responsibility for our choices and decisions, even when motivated by fear. “Each person is totally responsible for his actions and can never hide behind the excuse that he was only following the orders which had been given to him by his superiors.” – Rael7

There is no shame in making a decision motivated by fear as long as it is acknowledged and assumed. The question is more whether I am prohibiting myself from doing something I would like to do or acquiescing to a rule/order that I do not agree with.

To keep in mind that our fear reveals where we are in our journey/maturity. Knowing what our fear is made of would allow us to act with more lucidity. We would be able to judge a situation with more clarity and accuracy since we would not be confused by the perverse language of authority or by our inner dialogue.

How do you get rid of the fear?

We can wait for the change to come from the other person or for the situation to go away. In either case, we remain individually caught up with our fear. The other option is to act on oneself… and yes it changes the world! This is called self-programming. “Human beings have the ability to self-program, that allows us to learn to do things differently from the way we were first taught, and to constantly question and evaluate our projects and lifestyles.” – Rael8

As soon as fear sets in, we tend to put in place the securities that reassure, but which have the defect of preventing us from vibrating to life and thus giving us the freedom to take the risk to think and act differently. Confronting one’s fear is to let it be while questioning what it is made of. Once understood, because it makes sense, we can choose new thoughts, new actions that allow us to reduce or eliminate this fear. Thus we increase our inner resources to adapt to “the threat” by transforming it into an opportunity for fulfillment. For example, what about our fear of death9? What if we change our thoughts of fear into thoughts of loving death? Will this transformed fear give way to zenitude?

This new programming, served by thinking, is hopeful because it is not based on dependence or rebellion, but on revolution.10 Being revolutionary implies a transformation that begins with oneself. It is not a reactionary movement. It is an internal process of innovation, of creativity that allows us to reveal ourselves to express our uniqueness.

Everything you’ve ever wanted (to be)11 is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair12



Rachel Bluteau
Columnist for the Canadian Raelian Movement



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