In his chronicle of August 15th, 2019 entitled “Re-enchanting the world”, published on the Internet in the newspaper “La Tribune”, Sébastien Lévesque, shares his sense of wonder at the cosmos and what appears as an infinite universe that we can contemplate night after night: “… we are children of the cosmos, brought about by it, from chemical elements formed directly in the heart of the stars, which in a way are our grandmothers”. Even though, for the author, science “… allows us to free ourselves from the barriers that separate us from each other and from the whole of nature”, and though “… science and spirituality can very well go hand in hand”, his words, as poetic as they may be, remain rooted in the theory of evolution: “We then find that our existence is the result of a long and gradual process of evolution of the cosmos…”.

Jean Riendeau, Columnist

But to assert that life forms have “evolved”, is that science? Encountered for the first time in 1973 by extra-terrestrials, Rael, in the Message handed to him, offers a completely different light to what is scientific: “Evolution of the various forms of life on Earth is really the evolution of techniques of creation and the increased sophistication of the creators’ work. This eventually led them to create people similar to themselves.” Here, we are light-years away from our “Grandmothers, the Stars”!

Despite this reservation we can express over the evolutionist angle adopted by Sébastien Lévesque, his reflections lead to an awareness of the place we occupy in this universe, which agrees with the Raelian philosophy: “… we are part of a whole, every part of which is inseparable from the others.” For years, Rael has been teaching the art of harmonizing ourselves with the infinity that surrounds us and constitutes us: “When you look at the stars, when you look at the Universe, you are looking at yourself, you are not separate, we are one.” (Rael – Contact 366)

Sébastien Lévesque hopes that emerging science, combined with a renewed form of spirituality faraway from irrational beliefs, can give back to human beings a sense of wonder towards the world around them. But when he states that “This ‘cosmic spirituality’ essentially rests upon reason…”, he doesn’t go far enough. Reason and knowledge, as Rael explains, limit our ability to harmonize with infinity: “We human beings, we have a supra-consciousness, and this supra-consciousness is the only way to feel infinity, and to reach love.” (“Maitraya_paroles_72 a.H., p.104)

The understanding of our universe through science-based technology is an essential step in sweeping away any form of belief that might suggest a creator god. Thanks to science, we are a little less primitive. But if we want to “reach love”, as Rael puts it, we will have to invest in human capital and not in bombs, we will have to allow this supra-consciousness to flourish fully, and then, thanks to this connection with infinity, we will have transformed this planet.

Jean Riendeau
Canadian Raelian Movement, Columnist