Dear Madam, Sir,

Montreal, 22nd February 2016

First, I want to congratulate you for your wonderful work with your charter and the great efforts you put in making a difference for Humanity. It warms our heart to see organizations like the Free World Charter to actively promote values so close to our own as we think the more people will adhere to such values, the more chances we have to save this world from it’s violence and misery.

You are describing a new world worth living in where all living animals, plants and humans live in peace and harmony. You are addressing many urgent matters we are faced with on planet Earth: respect for life, resources, human rights, animal rights, education, basic living needs and future generations. We agree with you, our global economic system no longer works and a new system must urgently be put in place to replace it.

Actually, what strikes us is that your project is delightfully in sync with our project.

I have the pleasure and honour of bringing this project of the utmost importance to your attention: Paradism.

The six fundamentals of Paradism are:

1.       Freeing human beings from the obligation of working

2.       Eliminating money

3.       Prioritizing scientific development

4.       Supplying freely each and every Citizen with some quality food, water and decent sanitary conditions

5.       Providing health care 24/7 and a free Internet access to everyone

6.       Ensuring technology benefits everyone, never just a few

All these and much more are now possible thanks to the exponential development in various science and technologies such as robotics, advanced manufacturing, computers, health science, nanotechnologies, etc…

We invite you to watch the videos on the Paradism website and to please let us know if we can provide any additional information.

Once again, we wish to thank you for what you are doing. We would be very interested in discussing with you how we could further develop both projects, the Free World Charter and Paradism, and eventually prepare joint activities with your organization if you wish.

We thank you in advance, for the attention you will devote to this proposal, and we look forward to your reply.

With our deepest respect,


Andre Julien

President of the Movement for Paradism in Canada

cc. Joseph Kollar, President of the Raelian Movement of Canada