Gentlemen, ladies, dear Canadian truckers,

The Canadian Raelian Movement wishes to express its admiration for the courage, generosity and compassion of the tens of thousands of Canadian truckers who compose the Freedom Convoy, in order to put an end to the human tragedy caused by the senseless and unjustified prejudice suffered by the Canadian people and their children. We are equally in awe of the organization involved in this unprecedented operation and the concerted search for a just and peaceful conclusion. 

Thanks to you, we are experiencing an unparalleled human unity in dealing with the suppression of human rights and freedoms in Canada and around the world, as this seems to be the goal behind these freedom-destroying health measures.

Like millions of Canadians and billions of people around the world, we cherish human rights, because before any nationality, political party, religious or scientific belief, we are ALL human and have RIGHTS; something that our politicians seem to have forgotten.

Under the guise of protecting some, they promote liberticidal decrees and laws, to the detriment of millions of others, claiming loudly to act for the protection of the fundamental right to security. However, if one fundamental right is violated (freedom) under the guise of another (security), it simply means that the solution taken is not the right one!

This is why the Raelian Movement asks for an amendment to article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which would then become “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, security of person and risk”. In view of the situation we have been living for the last two years, it seems imperative to specify that the right to risk is an integral part of freedom!

 “Better to die free than to live without freedom.” – Rael

Thank you for being peaceful and incorruptible global influencers for the defense of everyone’s rights and freedoms.