Here again about risk


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Translator: Régine Paradis

My columnist colleague Rachel Bluteau mentioned in an article written a few months ago that on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on December 10, 2020, a Raelian delegation had submitted an official document proposing an amendment to Article 3 worded as follows: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, security of person, and risk.” It has given me pause to reflect on my own life, on one of the fundamental aspects of my daily life that I would like to share with you. First of all, let’s be clear. Every individual at one time or another risks something, otherwise he or she would remain enclosed within four walls waiting for the death that will inevitably come. The mother protects her fragile baby, anxious that he will hurt himself when the day comes that he decides to risk walking and tumbling around. What happens to this sickly surveillance when the child reaches teenage years? The fear of the encounters that her protégé will make, his return home at late hours. She will continue to feed her anxieties until the day when this mother will understand that to live is necessarily to experiment. We always come back to the same constant about risk, because to experiment is necessarily risking. In this time of false pandemic, is this what our governments want, to protect us against death at all costs? At this rate, it is better not to be born for a baby that will only see people in masks, opening to life.

I now return to my personal experience of pursuing a great and impossible dream, to achieve virtuosity in the entire classical guitar repertoire, a dream I have had for almost 50 years. Even though I am still in the dream and not in the accomplishment, the process that traces the path to reach it brings me great pleasure. Perhaps at the age of 70, the risk of dying before reaching the ultimate goal is very likely. All the great virtuosos started playing music as children, so to start playing at 20 and become a virtuoso is a feat, an impossible dream. We have to content ourselves with teaching and playing in small concerts in front of a limited audience or a few friends. Yes, it is a question of risk in my case, because the periods when I feel the beginning of virtuosity tingling my fingers, it is in my rages a little obsessive by flirting with the danger which comprises insomnia with repetition. When I have periods of rest without my guitar and a good eight hours of sleep, I vegetate a bit like a zombie where the spice of life disappears. What would food be without seasonings, without spices? Yet salt can be risky! Dangerous just like lack of sleep. If I were given the choice between living another 10 years without music and two years enjoying my dream of accomplished virtuosity, I would choose the second option without hesitation. How many athletes, for example, would choose their passion with the risk of concussions or the possibility of a broken spine, ready to find themselves in a wheelchair to live their dream? Thousands of climbers, skiers, car racers and let’s not forget some eccentric artists just like me. Those who want to live in fear of death will perhaps die at 20 or 30 years of boredom because they do not dare to do anything. I will end with a passage from the messages of our prophet about the kind of life there is on the planet of creators.

“Some people like to take risks and to deprive them of the risk of dying would take away all pleasure from their existence, so dangerous sports are particularly widespread. We can bring back to life any injured person, but those who participate in these sports can only do so if they agree in writing that they will not be treated if they die during their sports activity.” – Intelligent Design–Message from the Designers, page 112 PDF format




Jean Renaud
Columnist for the Raelian Church