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Emir Kusturica, a Serbian director, said in an interview [1], that he hoped that another thinker like Noam Chomsky, the linguist who made a diagnosis about our society, “… can cure us of the consequences and provide solutions“.

What is this diagnosis? Chomsky identified three elements [2], one of which is that “our freedom has become dependent of the decisions of a concentrated and unaccountable private power“.

This concentrated private power is convinced of the legitimacy of its mission: prosperity [3], that is what can make humanity happy. However, this entity uses towards the population a paternalistic language, “we know what’s best for you”. This paternalism makes the people believe that their actions/decisions are benevolent towards them. This benevolence is a smokescreen because it hides another interest which the citizen ignores.

The interest of this power is to impose its authoritarianism so that it can generate its own prosperity. “Any power that is self-legitimate based on an absolute – be it good… or prosperity – instrumentalizes for its circumstantial benefit which by definition belongs to the beyond of the provisional[4]. Clearly, this power gives itself the conditions it deems necessary to support its purpose even if this “… leads to the oppression of freedom and compromises the living-together[5].

It is with this mission that the oligarchy wants to establish a world government “a new order to be established – willingly or forcibly[6] to “control the allocation of resources as well as currency[7].

The problem is not having a world government. “There is only one possible future for humanity: a unified world, without money, without armies, without politicians.” [8] – Raël

What creates global disorder is the corruption of politicians by the oligarchy and their election by a so-called democratic vote. In addition to being “at the mercy” of concentrated private power (the 1%) and exercising in a system that protects them, these politicians act “properly” according to the rules of “correct” behavior [9]. They are then considered by the oligarchy as “average” (mediocre) beings through whom power transmits or even imposes its orders.

What to do?

The only valid regime is The Geniocracy applying Humanitarianism.” [10] – Rael

Geniocracy [11]  is a system of collegial government [12]  that is made up of people who have the merit of having exceptional intelligence. These gifted people may be of various ethnicities, cultures, professions, occupations, genders, social classes, and political parties. They are elected by a selective democracy, that is to say, by voters with the ability to appreciate these gifted people in their skills to predict and act accordingly to make our world a world of happiness and fulfillment.

There is only one possible future for humanity: a unified world, without money, without armies, without politicians. We have just been made aware of the fact that Geniocracy applying Humanitarianism is the answer to having a unified world… without politicians. Let us see in the next column the answer for a world without money, without armies.

More in the next article: Humanitarianism… logical suites (part 2 of 3)

Rachel Bluteau
Columnist for the Raelian Movement
July 2020

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