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Translation: Alizarin

Imagine beings coming from outer space, beings belonging to a civilization much more advanced than ours. Intrigued and curious, they decide to take a small detour to check us out. Prudently, they observe us from a distance. Shocked by our behavior they quickly decide to turn back. The content of their conversations can be summed up as follows: “What’s wrong with this species?”

Against the backdrop of the COVID 19 pandemic, on our way to Christmas, the great celebration of consumerism, a philosophy professor from this earth, Réjean Bergeron, has been asking himself the same kind of questions: “In this time of pandemic, we should rather make the effort to transform this pause imposed upon us into an opportunity to reflect on our way of life which privileges having over being…”(1) For this thinker, human activity in its current state, resembles an evasion, to flee… death! “Not wanting to accept the fact that he will die one day, to think about it, or inwardly prepare himself for it, all the while living in conformity with this implacable reality, the human being, as if in a kind of hasty evasion, prefers to erect around himself a fortress of material goods, imagining that these will protect him, calm his anxieties, make him happy, or provide him with some form of recognition or esteem from those around him.”

What’s wrong with this species? Réjean Bergeron has put the finger on the problem: we have so far privileged having over being, we have so much emphasized the importance of having that we have forgotten this essential question: Who are we? Could it be that our salvation depends on the answer we can give to this seemingly simple question?

Let us imagine beings from outer space, which this time do not turn back at the sight of our destructive behavior and decide to help us a little. These beings exist, they are called the Elohim, which in Hebrew means “Those who came from the sky”.(2) Can they help us answer the question “Who are we?” It is through the mouth of their messenger, Maitreya Rael, that they answer this question: “Our being is nothing more than an accumulation of atoms organized according to a plan, the genetic code, which continuously communicate with their environment through an infinity of chemical reactions of which we may be aware or not. Raising our level of consciousness means feeling within ourselves a greater number of these chemical reactions, which enables us to better situate ourselves in the infinite and therefore to be more harmonious. When we feel connected to the universe, the infinite, we can no longer be unhappy. We discover the pleasure of being.”(3)

No more frantic pursuing of the next object that will just as soon be discarded and replaced by the following one, no more the need to start wars to possess what belongs to others, just the pleasure of being, simply, here and now. Let us now imagine our humanity consisting of a majority of individuals who are in “the being”, what impact will this have on our world? “There is only one possible future for humanity: a unified world, without money, without armies, without politicians. And then, this planet can be a paradise, where everyone can travel everywhere without a passport, without a visa, and where human rights are finally respected.”(4)

In these times when people are struggling to regain their freedom lost due to COVID, resulting in a Charter of Rights and Freedoms shoved under the rug by a health dictatorship, this message is of crucial importance for anyone feeling concerned about the future of our humanity. We are one with our cells, with the infinite universe and with our neighbor. From this awareness is born the greatest of revolutions, the revolution of love!

Jean Riendeau
Columnist for the Canadian Raelian Movement

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