International day of remembrance for victims
of violence because of their religion or belief

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Translator : Régine Paradis

On this international day of remembrance for victims of violence because of their religion or belief, I would like to support the victims and especially the women who stand up, fight and denounce not only once, but again and again, before coming to the end of repeated aggressions.

Stopping physical and psychological abuse, injustice, harassment, and unspeakable suffering… That’s all that matters.

It is admirable to see these flayed, torn, weakened women fight tirelessly not only against the aggressor or aggressors, but also against all the doubts, the reproaches, the judgments that arise on both sides…

It is admirable to see these women find the motivation to make it stop not only for themselves, but for all the other women who suffer the same fate hoping for a better future.

It is admirable to see these women who, in order to overcome their insecurity, their fear, draw on the little energy they have left, to follow one or more therapies before finally being able to get out of it and live serenely.

On this day, we reaffirm our unwavering support for victims of violence based on religion and belief, and demonstrate that support by doing everything in our power to prevent such attacks and by demanding that those responsible be held accountable.” António Guterres, UN Secretary General.

Violence is intolerable and you will not tolerate it… A being capable of threatening another being with violence is as dangerous as a man who has committed an act of violence, and until such time as we can medically cure those who make such threats, we must put them out of society and try to make them understand how monstrous their way of acting is.” Rael, Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers, page 204 in PDF format, The Keys – Human Justice.

I dream of the day when Girls and Women, everywhere on the planet, will be respected, considered and simply loved. Let’s dream of the day when they will finally be able to live and blossom in complete freedom.

Denise Desrochers
Special Collaboration