May 1st was specifically chosen for the “International Paradism Day” as it is also the date of the “International Worker’s Day” in a time where compulsory work can be replaced by machines, computers, robots and nanotechnologies. Paradism Day is celebrated annually on all continents in a growing number of countries and cities all over the world.

In Canada, dedicated Raelians gathered in four locations (Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) to celebrate this special day and explain to the population what is Paradism; a new political system proposed by Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement. In this era of science and technology, Paradism is “the only viable system which can save Humanity” declared Rael.

In addition to these actions on the streets, social medias were used for advertisement and a free conference was given online the same evening.

The guest speaker, Andre Julien, leader of the Canadian Movement for Paradism, explained the basis of Paradism and its implementation to revolutionize society, thanks to the help of technology and the exponential scientific progresses, which will soon enable the suppression of labor: “However, special considerations are to be taken on the social and political aspects of Paradism, as science is already there to make it happen”.

Thought provoking questions were raised and some issues were discussed along with solutions: How can Paradism be implemented? What can we personally do to accelerate it? Are we ready to live in a world without work and money? All these questions and more were barely scratching the surface of this revolutionary system of our future. “Get prepared because it can happen very soon, it depends on us, if we really want it!”, said Julien in conclusion. The whole conference can be watched, in French and English at

This event will be held every year on May 1st in order to promote Paradism, obviously one of the main solutions to save the world.

See you all next year!