Intersex Awareness Day


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ARAMIS Canada would like to highlight the importance of this day, which refers to the first public demonstration of intersex people in 1996 in North America. The purpose of this day is to end violence and harmful medical practices against intersex children, adolescents and adults.

Intersex people born with varying degrees of anatomical or physiological attributes of both sexes, from external and/or internal genital mismatches, to secondary sex characteristics, hormones and chromosomes, can find themselves living in physiological and psychological hell.

What right do some people have to interfere with the identity of an intersex person? The body of an individual belongs only to themselves and not to their parents, guardians, science, religion or others… and this, regardless of their age!

All interventions resulting in irreversible consequences must be stopped. The whole intrinsic and physiological aspect of the person must be respected. Imagine a boy child who finds himself in the body of a girl or vice versa. Imagine the hell of this child who undergoes repeated surgery, hormonal treatments and other medical procedures under the false pretext of imposing a change in his appearance to conform to what society wants. As stated by the United Nations High Commission: These actions “constitute violations of basic human rights.

According to Amnesty International, about 1.7% of the population is born with intersex characteristics. Even today, depending on the country, many of these children are at risk of being mutilated with hormones and surgery. In Quebec, this represents around 144,500 children…

According to Rael, founder of ARAMIS and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement: “You must never impose any religion whatsoever on a child, who is still but a larva, unable to understand what is happening to itself. So you must baptize nor circumcise children, nor submit them to any action that they have not themselves accepted. You must wait for them to reach the age to understand and choose…” Rael, Intelligent Design, p. 167

ARAMIS (the Raelian Association of Sexual MultIplicity), founded in 2004, asserts that the sexual identity of every individual is innate and not a life choice. It is intrinsic, inherent to the person and no one else has the right to decide on it. ARAMIS advocates for the right of all people of the sexual multiplicity to live and develop sexually in freedom and with equal rights with all other human beings. This includes waiting respectfully until an intersex person is old enough to make their own decisions, if they wish, to ensure that their body is in harmony with their thinking.

We support all those who have faced or will face this reality, as well as all those who will need to face it, as individuals and as parents who respect the identity of their intersex child.

As the leader of ARAMIS Canada, I am also very pleased with the new meaning of the acronym ARAMIS (which previously stood for the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities), as multiplicity highlights the full range of sexual identities and orientations; which includes all those who have felt left out, for whatever reason. Multiplicity represents diversity in great numbers. In other words, we finally reached the age of coming together where gender labels fall away and everyone just becomes HUMAN.


Denise Desrochers
Sexologist educator
Leader of ARAMIS Canada