Like every last Saturday in June, this year on June 29, the “International Swastika Rehabilitation Day” will be held. On this occasion, the Canadian Raelian Movement wishes to reveal the true origin of the swastika, as well as the scientific and philosophical dimensions of this symbol. 

Martin Hétu, spokesperson for the Raelian Movement’s campaign to rehabilitate the swastika, explains, “Although the swastika has marked mankind for millennia and is revered today by billions of people, very few people know that it was not invented by man. The swastika is part of the emblem of the “Elohim”, a civilization comprising highly advanced scientists and artists who came from another planet 25,000 years ago and created all forms of life on Earth, as recounted in the biblical Genesis.”

He continues, “Originally, the swastika and the Star of David formed a single symbol, the “symbol of infinity”. The notion of the infinity of matter, space, and time that it represents could not be fully understood, for lack of science, until the present time. This symbol alone explains the universe we live in, with the Star of David representing infinity in space and the swastika, infinity in time and the infinite cycle of matter. 

This highly philosophical knowledge of the emblem of the Elohim challenges our assumptions about the universe of which we are a part. According to Raelian religious writings, the symbol of infinity is engraved on the Elohim’s spaceships, which tells us a lot about the magnitude of what it represents. If this understanding of the universe were taught to all humanity, we could evolve to the point of uniting in peace

With today’s scientific knowledge, we can now envision a civilization from another planet coming to Earth to create life. “We are just one step away from understanding that we will soon be able to create life ourselves on another planet,” adds Mr. Hétu. 

The Elohim have been watching over us since the beginning of humanity; in addition to archaeological traces, all ancestral cultures describe people coming from the stars, as well as objects descending from the sky. Today, sightings of unidentified flying objects are on the increase. In fact, the Elohim revealed to Rael (spiritual leader of the Raelian religion) that they would be making more and more appearances in our skies. Isn’t it time to make the connection, so that the general public can question their origins and the possibility of official contact with another humanity?

Nevertheless, “the recognition of the swastika and the symbol of infinity as absolute symbols of peace is essential to the return of the Elohim to Earth”, concludes Mr. Hétu.  

Martin Hétu,

Head of the swastika rehabilitation campaign